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How to choose the right mission-critical networking technology for railways

July 15, 2020 2PM (GMT +2)


Mainline passenger, freight and metro rail operators rely heavily on communication to ensure safe, on-time and connected journeys.  Wide area network (WAN) is the communications infrastructure foundation for railway operations, supporting mission-critical systems such as signaling, interlock and voice, as well as multimedia requirements from other operational subsystems and business applications.  As railways continue to digitalize and upgrade their operations, so does the modernization of the WAN.
WAN Technology has evolved from traditional TDM based networks to packet based. Today converged IP/MPLS has emerged as the WAN technology of choice and power the backbone networks for many railways around the world.  IP/MPLS can be implemented over different transport medium including optical and microwave to accommodate various deployment needs.  It can even be integrated with the transport layer for end-to-end networking.
Microwave is the most suitable alternative for backhauling and complements optical fiber. Several operators are using packet microwave as back-up connectivity or as a cost-effective solution in specific geographic areas with difficult terrain conditions to deploy fiber cables.  A multiservice network, supporting the transition from TDM to full packet, provides multi-Gbps throughput and is deployable in fully redundant configurations.
This webinar will focus on key networking features that railway operators should consider when evaluating WAN solutions. These include convergence, resiliency, reliability, security, QoS, and multiservice support for different applications and subsystems.
During the webinar, we will discuss:
•             The current WAN technology landscape in railways
•             Challenges railway operators are facing in WAN
•             Key considerations in selecting the right WAN technology

•             Real life deployment examples



George Verdeş
Head of Transportation for Middle East and Africa






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