ImmuneWatch ( is dedicated to solve the T cell specificity problem with AI and unleash the full potential of T cell-based vaccines and therapeutics. We believe that T cells are extremely important for sustainable vaccine-induced immunity. Using AI-driven immuno-informatics we support our partners to improve vaccine development by putting T cells at the forefront. 
We currently offer technology-based services to vaccine developers. Our DESIGN platform is an AI-driven reverse vaccinology pipeline that starts from a pathogen's genome. Using a range of major and minor criteria, such as protein location and expression level, MHC presentability, and potential for TCR binding, the computational workflow identifies and prioritises the most immunogenic proteins or peptides. This reduces the number of targets that need to be tested, thereby reducing preclinical development time and cost. 
ImmuneWatch builds on years of collaboration between clinicians and data scientists at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital (Belgium). We have a long scientific track-record and extensive expertise in biomolecular data mining, medical artificial intelligence, computational and translational immunology. ImmuneWatch was founded in 2021 to bring these academic innovations closer to patients and make a real difference in their lives.