Idevax is a medical device company based in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in December 2020. Idevax develops, produces, commercializes innovative medical devices. The company’s flagship product is VAX-ID, a device allowing for accurate, reliable, and user-independent intradermal drug delivery. VAX-ID is an award-winning, patented device. Idevax is the process of obtaining its ISO13485 certification as well as CE marking and FDA approval of its drug delivery device as a Class IIa device. Key applications of the device include prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine delivery as well as immunotherapy. Idevax was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, Koen Beyers and Vanessa Vankerckhoven and forms with Daniele Scalco Vasconcelos, MSc, and Momen Rbeihat, MD, a team of 4 people.