Rajiv Shah | Fellow
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Rajiv Shah, Fellow, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Rajiv Shah is a fellow at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, who has worked in the cyber, data and digital transformation business for over 20 years, during which he has seen the internet evolve from an academic curiosity to today’s hyperconnected world. He has held a broad range of senior leadership roles with major multinational companies and established his own consulting business, MDR Security, providing expert consulting advisory services to government and businesses to grow capacity and capability through building effective and mutually beneficial partnerships. He is also a regular speaker at industry conferences and contributor to industry publications.
Rajiv’s experience has spanned a broad range of business and technical domains, with roles that have included business analysis, technical architecture, program delivery, operational management, strategy, business transformation, client relationship management and more. He has spent time working in the UK and the US, and since 2011 has been based in Canberra, Australia. Before joining the commercial world, Rajiv completed a PhD in quantum physics and retains a keen interest in mathematics and science.


Day 2 @ 14:35

Working smarter, not harder: Leveraging government procurement to improve cybersecurity and supply chains

  • Government spending on ICT procurement dwarfs the budgets directly allocated under the recent cybersecurity strategy - how can this spending power be leveraged to uplift security?
  • There are opportunities to stimulate suppliers to find innovative cyber security solutions that can have direct and indirect security and economic benefits to Australia
  • The talk will examine the barriers to this, and provide recommendations to change the procurement systems, approach and regulations to realise these opportunities
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT

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