Brenda Monaghan | Deputy Ombudsman
NT Judicial Commission Office

Brenda Monaghan, Deputy Ombudsman, NT Judicial Commission Office

Brenda Monaghan has lived and worked in the Northern Territory since 1986.  Before taking up her current role, Brenda had a varied career as a private lawyer, a lecturer at NT University (now Charles Darwin University), legal member on the former NT Licensing Commission and an executive director in NT Government.

Brenda was the Information Commissioner and Commissioner for Public Interest Disclosures from 2010 to 2018.  

Following the formation of an NT ICAC and the transfer of FOI and privacy functions to the Ombudsman’s Office, Brenda was appointed Deputy Ombudsman (NT).  Her current work includes providing advice to public sector organisations on good administrative process, privacy protection and information-sharing.

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