Tech in Gov is where our $122 billion tech industry gathers as a community to discover, explore and experience the trends shaping the future.

The event focuses on ICT issues that matter most to government:

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Delivering streamlined services 24x7 in an increasingly on demand and open digital society

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Enabling the strategic use of ICT to deliver on policy and effective governance

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Engaging openly to build and leverage knowledge and foster collaboration


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Create your own conference agenda from 8 unique conference tracks.

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Learn valuable information and be inspired by 80+ expert speakers

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Join multiple in-depth roundtables where you will discuss and debate relevant topics with your peers.



With 150+ Speakers and 8 central themes, Tech in Gov is the most comprehensive cross-sector event for government, IT, and executive level professionals in Australia. Each year, they decend on Canberra to meet to see the latest tech and do business.


  • Chris Crozier at Tech in Gov 2024
    Chris Crozier
    Department of Defence
    Janice Law at Tech in Gov 2024
    Janice Law
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Services Australia
  • Nicole Ozimek at Tech in Gov 2024
    Nicole Ozimek
    Department Foreign Affairs and Trade
    Hamish Hansford at Tech in Gov 2024
    Hamish Hansford
    Acting National Cyber Security Coordinator
    Department of Home Affairs
  • Fay Flevaras at Tech in Gov 2024
    Fay Flevaras
    First Assistant Secretary, Digital Transformation & Delivery
    Australian Government Department of Health
    Toby Walsh at Tech in Gov 2024
    Toby Walsh
    Chief Scientist, UNSW AI Institute
    UNSW Sydney
  • Michele Graham at Tech in Gov 2024
    Michele Graham
    General Manager Technology and Digital Division , Quantum Branch
    Department of Industry, Science and Resources
    Chris Fechner at Tech in Gov 2024
    Chris Fechner
    Chief Executive Officer
    Australian Digital Transformation Agency
  • Anthony Murfett at Tech in Gov 2024
    Anthony Murfett
    Head of Division Technology and National Security
    Department of Industry, Science and Resources
    Alan Marjan at Tech in Gov 2024
    Alan Marjan
    First Assistant Director-General Cyber Security Resilience
    Australian Signals Directorate
  • Darshil Mehta at Tech in Gov 2024
    Darshil Mehta
    Chief Data & Analytics Officer
    Australian Securities and Investments Commission
    Lorraine Finlay at Tech in Gov 2024
    Lorraine Finlay
    Human Rights Commissioner
    Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Chris Goldsmid at Tech in Gov 2024
    Chris Goldsmid
    Commander Cybercrime Operations
    Australian Federal Police
    Rachel Maiden at Tech in Gov 2024
    Rachel Maiden
    Director, Digital NSW
    NSW Department of Customer Service
  • Kylie De Courteney at Tech in Gov 2024
    Kylie De Courteney
    Managing Director
    NSW Telco Authority





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