People Tech Revolution


Simon Lowe is a distinguished co-founder and joint CEO of People Tech Revolution and The Ageing Revolution. His expertise lies in co-designing creative solutions to complex social issues, with a strong emphasis on systems change, user experience, and behavior change theory.

Simon's passion for innovation is evident in his use of gamification techniques and cutting-edge technologies such as XR and AI. He is currently developing several projects aimed at facilitating serious conversations through games. Among these projects is "Carked It!," a card game that addresses themes of death and dying, and VR applications designed for DEI training, empathy, and discrimination. His VR experiences have garnered international recognition, with the "Cook It!" game being nominated for the best VR experience for social impact at prestigious design awards.
In addition to his innovative work, Simon has dedicated the past five years to mentoring over 25 game designers and developers through the SAE Institute intern industry program. He also leads a specialized team of VR and AI developers focused on creating human-centered training experiences. These experiences offer safe spaces for individuals to understand diverse perspectives, navigate challenging situations, and practice difficult conversations.

Simon Lowe’s unique blend of expertise and innovative spirit makes him a valuable resource for government officials seeking impactful and creative solutions to social challenges. His work not only addresses pressing issues but also inspires meaningful change through immersive and engaging approaches.