Seminar Theatre


Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor), Tuesday 23 July 2024

Justin Glen
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Specialised storage systems for AI

Key points that will be discussed:

  • Why does storage for AI Infrastructure matter
  • Most Enterprise storage systems are not suitable for AI
  • What is the most important factor when choosing a storage system for AI or HPC 
Jeremy Limanto
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Introduction to Work Management: Boosting Visibility, Clarity, and Accountability

Unlock the potential of your team with an introduction to work management platforms. This session will guide you through the essentials of leveraging these tools to enhance visibility, clarity, and accountability within your organisation. We'll cover key aspects such as project management, program management, and process optimisation, providing you with the knowledge to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency. Join us to discover how a comprehensive work management platform can transform the way your team works.

Jason MacBride
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Redefining collaboration: Leveraging AI to shape the intelligent meeting room and boost teamwork

  • AI-Driven Enhancements in Meeting Efficiency
  • Improving Teamwork through AI Integration
  • Personalized Meeting Experiences with AI
Matthew Watts
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Designing for Sustainability

The biggest opportunities to reduce environmental impact arise early in the design process when key decisions about a product are made.

Susmita Ahmed
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

The future of AI-driven insights in Public Sector for citizen services

  • Using GenAI to enhance the service experience by making information easily accessible, recommending service-based interaction, and handling simple transactions.
  • Utilising AI tools for efficiency to reduce burnout and improve productivity in workflow and internal policies.
  • Empowering public sector workers to have access to relevant and informative data quickly, to rein-innovate and improve service offerings.
Ade Ewart
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

How Government organisations are using the latest Marketing Technology to help the community

A tech talk on MarTech functionality and how the Department for Health and Social Care (UK) applied it to inspire and support families to become healthier 

Dr Suresh Hungenahally
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

AI and Cybersecurity: Understanding trends, risks and mitigation with ISO standards

DNV will be sharing the cyber security threats and AI risks in Australia. The latest trends, and threats and providing insights into key risk factors and potential vulnerabilities.

Discover how companies can leverage ISMS ISO/IEC 27001 and AIMS ISO 42001 for risk mitigation, using a structured framework for effective risk management and compliance with international standards.

Real-world examples and solutions, showcasing practical solutions for cybersecurity compliance

Adrian Warren
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Challenges facing funding bodies and recipients in grant management

  • How are funding bodies adapting to improve grant program outcomes
  • How are grant recipients responding to manage the administration requirements of grant funding
  • How can technology improve these interactions?  
James Harkin
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Welcome to Lucid: How Government Teams See and Build the Future Faster

  • Lucid accelerates modernization, helping government orgs move forward from legacy systems
  • Customer experience & citizen engagement become more powerful using Lucid to plan and execute
  • Lucid’s Visual Collaboration Suite enables successful Agile events and practices, key for government teams to collaborate effectively
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Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor), Wednesday 24 July 2024

Jon Lang
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Closing the IT Skills Gap: Strategies for Developing a Future Proof Workforce in the Public Sector

Matt Chamley
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

The AI-Powered Security Guard: Unlocking the Potential of Machine Learning for Cyber Defense

Meet the new generation of cybersecurity professionals: AI-powered algorithms that never sleep, never tire, and are constantly learning. Find out how machine learning is transforming threat detection, incident response, and vulnerability management.  Explore how AI can enhance your organisation's cybersecurity posture and protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Shriram Krishnan
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Unleashing the power of AI in Automation Testing

Panel discussion
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Take advantage of AI informed technology to optimise government project outcomes

Ryan and Paul will present a live demonstration of Sensei’s PPM platforms featuring how to:

  • Harness PPM technology to achieve successful program, project and work delivery in complex government structures
  • Take advantage of AI in project management and harness it to save time and achieve optimal project outcome. And, 
  • Show practical examples of solutions built for government customers
Allan King
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Cloud Governance - (Infront is a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner)

Cloud Governance is a cloud financial management discipline and cultural practice that enables departments to achieve maximum business value from their cloud investments. It is executed under two complimenting streams of activity - FinOps and Assurance.

  • FinOps is about taking responsibility for the establishment and ongoing upkeep of cloud operations guardrails through adoption of policy and architecture.
  • Assurance focuses on the availability of timely and accurate data to confidently manage business risk associated with cloud cost and compliance drift.
Anderson Rangel
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Database Monitoring for Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Now, more than ever, it is essential to have proactive, compliant, and automated monitoring of your multi-platform database estate. As cyber threats evolve, safeguarding government department databases becomes crucial for maintaining business integrity and protecting citizen data. Join us to explore why using the right monitoring tool is the only reliable and efficient way to effectively monitor, alert, and log access to databases and servers, ensuring that your data handling processes adhere to stringent security standards and complex regulations. We will also discuss how investing in a database monitoring tool can drive enormous value for your department's bottom line. 

Anthony Dona
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Exploring the current research landscape to identify experts, horizon scan and assess the impact of funding

  • Recognise experts in niche fields of research by simplifying complex searches
  • Capture current scientific ideas to identify the horizon ideas and technology watch
  • Assess the impact of funding by tracking the novel, commercial and social outcomes
Nandini A
Seminar Theatre (Expo Floor)

Cyberthreats to watch out for in 2024

In a world where cyber threats are rampant, fostering a proactive mindset towards security is essential. Moreover, from top-level executives to frontline employees, since everyone plays a role in safeguarding sensitive data, it is prudent to fortify all defences against modern cyber threats. In this session, we'll explore the importance of instilling a security-first mentality across all levels of your organization. We'll also discuss practical strategies and best practices for building a resilient security culture to empower your team to become vigilant guardians of your digital enterprise.

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