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London, 20 - 21 April 2021


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Apr 2010:00
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Building the next generation access networks of the future

  • The commercial strategy behind network deployments
  • How are emerging technologies re-shaping access networks?
  • Developing a multi-technology network strategy
Apr 2011:05
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Innovation in business models for FTTH & FTTx rollouts

  • Optimising fibre investment strategies
  • Developing new business models for fibre rollout
  • Strategies for ensuring ROI on network investments
Moderator: Gita Sorensen, Founder And Director, GOS Consulting
Matjaž Pogačnik, Director of Access Networks, Telekom Slovenije d.d.
Session led by: devolo-ag
Apr 2012:10
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Supercharging your fibre network with emerging technologies

  • Which technologies are enabling the next steps in fibre-rollout?
  • Learning from the pioneers of next generation PON technologies
Oliver Lamparter, Wireline Access Expert, Swisscom AG
Trevor Linney, Openreach Research Director, BT
Rajesh Yadav, Chief Network Architect & Associate Fellow, Verizon
Session led by: tejas-networks
Apr 2013:15
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Fireside Chat: 10G PON and beyond

  • The role of fibre in future networks
  • Need for evolution beyond 10G
  • Technology options and evolution path
The session will include a short presentation from Chorus, followed by fireside chat with Nokia and Chorus.
Kurt Rodgers, Network Strategy Manager, Chorus
Session led by: nokia
Apr 2013:40
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FTTep: How can complimentary technologies support gigabit broadband rollouts?

  • Architectures for FTTep (Fiber to the most economical point)
  • What technologies can be deployed on existing copper infrastructure to extend fiber gigabit services when fiber installation is not viable/economical?
  • In what situtations can fiber extension technologies be beneficial (e.g. MDUs, campus environments)?
Moderator: Craig Thomas, Vice President Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Broadband Forum
Helge Tiainen, Head of Product Mangement, Marketing & Sales, InCoax Networks
Session led by: incoax-networks
Apr 2014:20
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Strategy & technology for gigabit cable

  • The evolution of HFC networks
  • Will DOCSIS 4.0 be a serious competitor to fibre?
  • Competition and demand dynamics
Apr 2015:20
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The state of play for the US fibre market according to the Fiber Broadband Association

Gary Bolton, CEO, Fiber Broadband Association

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Apr 2110:00
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Strategies for ensuring a greener and more sustainable network rollout

  • Building more sustainable network infrastructure
  • Ensuring environmental impact is a factor in decision making
  • Which network technologies are the most sustainable?
  • What are the key factors to consider? e.g. power consumption, choice of material, etc
Apr 2111:05
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Exploring the potential of Fixed Wireless Access for your broadband offering

  • What are the key use cases for 5G FWA?
  • Where does it make sense to deploy 5G FWA rather than fixed line?
  • Building the business case for 5G FWA
  • Successes in existing fixed wireless deployments
Moderator: Ian Corden, Director, Plum Consulting
Marco Arioli, Head of Network Engineering, Fastweb S.p.A
Session led by: immco-inc.
Apr 2112:05
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Realizing the power of WiFi 6

What benefits does the latest generation of WiFi technology bring to service providers as they go beyond delivering a fast pipe to the front door, and provide exceptional quality of experience inside the home, and to every connected device?As promising as WiFi 6 appears to be, it is not the cure for all subscriber connectivity issues and the delivery of highly personalized services. Instead, service providers must find ways to pair WiFi 6 with sophisticated cloud control and AI-driven intelligence so they can truly fulfil the dream of the smart home.In this session, McFarland pinpoints the WiFi 6 opportunity, examines the issues it raises, and tackles what service providers must do to optimize the in-home experience for their subscribers.
Bill McFarland, CTO, Plume
Session led by: kingpin-communications
Apr 2112:20
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Strategies for monetising your gigabit broadband offerings [Roundtable]

Interactive roundtable discussion on strategies for developing and monetising innovative broadband services.
Moderator: Stephen Wilson, Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason
Apr 2113:00
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Extending the gigabit experience to the home

Apr 2113:15
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Apr 2114:20
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How are virtualisation technologies revolutionising access network architectures?

  • SDN, NFV & the access network
  • Business models for virtualising the access network
Moderator: Andrew Collinson, Research Director, STL Partners
David Martin, Associate Senior Analyst, STL Partners
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