Graeme Millar | Chief Executive Officer
J.T. Group Ltd

Graeme Millar, Chief Executive Officer, J.T. Group Ltd

Graeme Millar is a senior leader and strategist, with an excellent track record of successful delivery in a variety of countries, technologies and corporate structures.  After graduating in Natural Sciences, and gaining a post-graduate engineering degree from Cambridge University, he began a career taking him from 3i plc to Motorola, Vodafone Group, MTS and most recently, the JT Group.  Throughout that career, across Western and Central Europe, Russia and the USA, he has set the agenda, ethos and processes for large teams to ensure they deliver on their goals.  In Jersey, he led the delivery of a ubiquitous fibre-to-the-home network, which has pushed the community to the top of the global broadband connectivity rankings.  Last year, Graeme was appointed Chairman of the Teleforum ? an organisation representing best practice and learning amongst small-state telcos, world-wide. Graeme specialises in bringing together the different parts of a complex business, creating a dynamic strategy, and enabling them to reach their full potential.  He believes passionately in the ability of great technology to enable, inspire and improve the lives of its users, and their communities.


Gigabit Access 2021 Day 1 @ 11:05

Innovation in business models for FTTH & FTTx rollouts

  • Optimising fibre investment strategies
  • Developing new business models for fibre rollout
  • Strategies for ensuring ROI on network investments
Session led by: devolo-ag
last published: 20/Apr/21 07:45 GMT

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