Mads Jensen | CCO – Head of Marketing, Communication & PR
Soestrene Grene

Mads Jensen, CCO – Head of Marketing, Communication & PR, Soestrene Grene

For the last three years Mads Jensen has worked as CCo at Soestrene Grene, a Danish retail company in the middle of a big international expansion, where he has been in charge of the global marketing strategy. This has been done with such success that the chain has won numerous prizes for their marketing and increased sales and brand value significantly. This development has also meant that Mads was selected for this year's Talent100 list in Denmark, which celebrates the 100 biggest business talents in Denmark under 35. Mads is also part of the M list, which celebrates the 200 best marketing profiles in Denmark.
During his presentation, Mads will set the scene for the important question "why should your customers listen to you" and elaborate about some of the most important strategic decisions behind the development of Soestrene Grene.

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