Ben Pask | Founder and Director

Ben Pask, Founder and Director, Rare:

A strategist with a formal education in Psychology and Marketing. Ben has a unique rounded experience in the marketing industry, working for brands, agencies and market research organisations, across many multichannel disciplines. He has consulted in online consumer behaviour for half of the current top 10 global brands. Ben is mostly interested in understanding the underlying motivations that guide human behaviour, and how businesses need to better
understand these universal truths of human cognition and social behaviours, in order to make their lives better with digital technology, everyday.
Ben set up the insights consultancy Rare: in December 2014 with the mission to Demystify Modern Marketing to brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes. In the last 12 months Rare: have delivered customer insights and training for Claire’s, British Pearl, Hotpod Yoga, Google Squared, Econsultancy and the Academy of Digital Business Leaders.

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