Alistair Vince | Chief Tinkerer

Alistair Vince, Chief Tinkerer, WatchMeThink

Alistair is Chief Tinkerer at Watch Me Think - a company who help others understand their consumer better by bringing to life and discovering insights around the world by creating and curating films made by consumers on their smartphones. 

He spent many years at Mintel, working with the innovation departments of many of the FMCG companies around the world, and seeing how 'walking in consumers shoes' and other similar mantras were chanted in the hallways and boardrooms of these companies, yet little was being done about it. 

That, combined with a washing machine and monkeys preferring grapes to cucumbers led to him leaving Mintel and launching Watch Me Think. Research didn't have to be boring. We knew we could discover and distill better insights, as well as making it exciting and compelling. If you want to hear about the washing machine and the monkeys, come and say hello. 

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