Alex Mead | Chief Customer Officer

Alex Mead, Chief Customer Officer,

Alex is a Customer Experience Strategist & Leader, with proven transformation and Leadership skills operating across Digital, Social Media, F2F & Contact Centre channels. He always pushes the boundaries of customer interaction strategy, and has pioneered several new leading best practices, which always attempt to deliver outstanding best class customer experience results.

He is a global Leader for Multi-channel Customer Experience design across all traditional & digital touchpoints, including implementing the operating strategy for best use of people, process, systems and culture across all Interaction & Fulfilment channels. He works both locally and internationally across a range of industries, cultures and company types. 

Alex has a proven ability to set Customer Experience strategies, utilising Customer insight, defining transformational change and pulling teams into a shared direction to drive improvements across all areas, ensuring the Customer is always at the heart of interactions and processes. Expertise in both traditional Contact Centre & 'new world' Digital Media environments.

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