Customer Experience Magazine

Media Partner

Customer Experience Magazine (CXM) is an online magazine packed full of industry news, blogs, features, reports, case studies, white papers, interviews, video bites and international stories, tailored to CX professionals.

For many years now, CXM has been a proud partner for various national and international Awards and CX events. Winners, Finalists and Judges from these Awards are featured sharing their insight and specialist approach to their Award Winning practices.

Inspiring stories and events from the world of CX are also shared weekly via the CXM newsletter with over 44,000 subscribers. We offer website & newsletter media space and partnership & sponsorship opportunities for CX professionals and companies. 

As of recently, supported by the global CXPA, and involving two of only four certified CX trainers in the world, CXM organizes CX Masterclasses for upgrading professionals’ CX skills and preparing for the certification exam. 

Thus, with all the above, Customer Experience Magazine is a unique source of information and knowledge that can help you stay updated and find the right way to improve your business.