John Strickland | Director
JLS Consulting

John Strickland, Director, JLS Consulting

Director John Strickland is a graduate of the University of York and has over 38 years of experience in the airline industry, specialising in network planning and revenue management. He has held senior positions with a number of airlines including British Caledonian, British Airways, KLMuk and Buzz. His experience spans all the major airline business models. London based JLS Consulting was established in 2003, an air transport consultancy which provides strategic insight and advisory services for clients including airports, airlines, and investors. John provides expert independent business and financial commentary on the sector for leading global media including the BBC, Sky, Bloomberg and CNN. He is a regular conference chair and moderator at industry events, frequently interviewing leading senior executives. John is also visiting professor in airline business strategy at Coventry University and a visiting fellow at Cranfield University.


World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 14:40

Keynote Interview: How Pegasus are aproaching revenue, sustainability and digital as we head into 2023

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 09:00

Keynote CEO Interview: How does Schiphol plan to use digital innovation to hit significant sustainability targets over the next decade?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 09:35

Keynote CEO Interview: How can innovation open the door to positive change, business revolution, and further growth?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 09:50

Keynote CEO panel: How can airports use digital transformation to benefit, and to respond to, economic and environmental challenges?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 11:30

Keynote Interview: Future of market share, competition, digital transformation and ancillaries at Ryanair

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 12:00

Keynote Interview: What is the next step in Wizz Air’s ambitious expansion strategy and how can it maintain that growth while still meeting big sustainability targets?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 12:15

LCC CEO Panel: As we approach pre-pandemic levels how is the low cost landscape evolving and what are the key trends emerging when it comes to digital technology, sustainability & ancillary revenue?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 14:30

Keynote Interview: How Play are planning to “dance with the demand” and become a flexible player in the North Atlantic Market

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 14:45

Start-up airlines panel: What are the most exciting new start-up business models emerging and where are the areas for growth?

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