Minh Tran | Founder
Insurtech Capital Fund

Minh Tran, Founder, Insurtech Capital Fund

Minh Q. Tran is a VC and entrepreneur with over 20 years of investing experience. Currently, he is the Founder of the Insurtech Capital managed by his investment platform « Seed Factory Venture Partners ». Formerly, Minh was General Partner at AXA Strategic Ventures and founded AXA Seed Factory (Seed SPV before the creation of @AXAVentures). 

Minh is an MBA graduate from INSEAD. In addition to his investment activities, Minh regularly writes and curates news on entrepreneurship, innovation, and the state of the Insurtech industry on his blog « The #Insurtech #VC »  (www.minhtran.fr) . Follow him on Twitter: @Minh_Q_Tran


Wealth 2.0 day 2 @ 14:00

Panel discussion: Opening new markets: Which demographics and what type of person will robo-advice appeal to?

  • What are the new opportunities for robo advisor 1.0 and 2.0?
  • Robo around the world: Which regions has robo-tech taken off in?
  • What characteristics will appeal to robo advice?
  • Could robo be attractive for a new type of investor and what’s it possibility for closing the financial advice gap?

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