Bart Vanhaeren | CEO & Co-Founder

Bart Vanhaeren, CEO & Co-Founder, InvestSuite

Currently the co-founder and CEO of investsuite.  Prior to that he worked for almost 20 years in senior roles in the banking industry and most recently was board member at KBC securities where he launched multiple award-winning fintech businesses.   He is deeply convinced about the merits of the convergence of high-tech, design/creativity, art and finance/economics.  He has written two books (on startups & crowdfunding) and is a guest lecturer at universities and conferences.


Wealth 2.0 Day 1 - 28th November 2018 @ 17:30

WealthTech Start-Up Pitches

Given the variety of start-ups and WealthTech firms within the Wealth Management industry and the increasing challenge to work out who to engage with to meet your business needs, this session will allow organisations to get their brand and solutions out into the investment community. Our aim is to provide a platform for this fresh entrepreneurial spirit to flourish.We will be hosting a round of start-up pitches where each budding and innovative organisation will have 5 minutes to pitch. Pitches will be split into B2C and B2B groupings.
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