Janet Othero | Senior Associate
Tripleoklaw Advocates

Janet Othero, Senior Associate, Tripleoklaw Advocates

I am a senior associate currently practicing in the Telecommunications, Media and Technology department at TripleOKLaw LLP Advocates. We offer legal support and partnership to various financial institutions, telecommunication entities, private and government innovation hubs and private investment entities.
I have experience in negotiating, drafting and advising on sourcing agreements, strategic partnerships, licensing agreements, integration agreements and other critical agreements that enable businesses and public bodies accomplish their commercial objectives. 
Kenya is a leading example in matters financial inclusion and disruption of financial services as known. Our firm has offered legal services to entities furthering these such as the telecommunication companies, software integrators and start-ups. From advising on innovation and acquisition of disruptive service products, financing of these products and roll out of the same all the while ensuring regulatory compliance is achieved, we aim to partner with our clients for bespoke solutions.    
Further to the above, I advise on regulatory and legal compliance issues touching on cyber security adoption, data management and governance as well as privacy policies. 
My approach has been to understand what the technical side has to offer in terms of service, understand the business strategy of the client and create a bridge between the various professional departments within the entity for optimal results. Most entities have their departments operating in silos and as such risk is mitigated at a lower threshold as opposed when there is overall awareness on what challenges exist. 
TripleOKLaw LLP is one of the few law firms that continuously partner with industry thought leaders to hold and participate in ICT related conferences. In addition we also participate in government stakeholder awareness talks to understand and help shape future policy that affects this practice area. 
My other practice areas include company and commercial law, banking and finance, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, general commercial contracts, intellectual property advices, alternative dispute resolution and real estate & conveyancing. Having previously practiced in these areas has helped shape my understating on client needs and the service they expect from a professional supporting their business. 


VIP Conference Day 1: 5 November @ 12:20

Mobile Banking

VIP Conference Day 2: 6 November @ 15:00

PANEL Banking Innovation strategies: Implementing and integrating a winning digital transition

  • The evolving banking innovation journey
  • Going digital: the transition roadmap
  • Tech innovations that are driving change
  • Creating space for fintech innovation
  • Being client-centric, tech-savvy, and inclusive
  • Regulatory considerations

VIP Conference Day 2: 6 November @ 15:20

PANEL Banking Innovation strategies: Implementing and integrating a winning digital transition

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