Gloria A F Awunyo-Akaba | Sector Head Retail Banking
Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd

Gloria A F Awunyo-Akaba, Sector Head Retail Banking, Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd

Gloria Fafa Ami Awunyo-Akaba is currently the Sector Head of Retail Banking in Zenith Bank Ghana Limited with direct oversight of the bank’s Money Transfer. Gloria and her team are charged with driving the Zenith Bank retail strategy with emphasis on innovation in the digital space. Gloria is a has served in various capacities in Zenith Bank as Head Money Transfer, Head Client Services, Head of Third Party Operations and Head Customer Service. She has also mentored a number of staff members who have also been entrusted with leadership roles within the organisation. She has enriched her work experience with Barclays Bank Plc and Marks and Spencer Plc both in the United Kingdom. 
It is no surprise that whilst in charge of customer service, Zenith Bank was adjudged first and Second runner up in the banking awards for Ghana in 2006 and 2007 respectively. She was awarded the best Customer Service Head for the Head Office in 2007. Bank of Ghana Auditors in the same year highly commended her customer service skills to the Management of the Bank. Gloria served a member of the Blue Skies Foundation Board representing the interest of local communities. She is also currently on the board of the Immunization Sustainability Fund (ISFUND) in a non-executive capacity. Gloria is an alumnus of the University of Ghana Business School with an MSc in Development Finance.


VIP Conference Day 2: 6 November @ 11:20

PANEL Driving innovation: Meeting the demand for affordable x-border payments

  • The rapid pace of digitalisation and market pressure for fast and transparent transactions
  • What is beyond bank-Fintech collaboration?
  • The future of x-border ‘real-time’ payments
  • Keeping costs down: for the bank and the customer
last published: 04/Nov/19 17:25 GMT

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