WALK AND TRAVEL The World Safely

We’ve got your back! UMAY lets you share your real-time itinerary with friends and family, find the nearest venue for support when feeling unsafe, vulnerable or threatened, and be helped by UMAY Assistance.

UMAY is a revolutionary mobile application committed to eradicating street harassment and violence. Partnering with cities, municipalities, public transportation companies, businesses, and police authorities in France and the UK, UMAY has emerged as the leading app against street harassment, currently expanding to the UK, starting with the Borough of Wigan in Manchester.

What We Do:

• Users share routes with trusted contacts, triggering an SOS alert in unsafe situations.

• UMAY Safe Places, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and police stations, offer assistance based on UMAY-provided training.

• Incidents are anonymously reported, addressing underreported harassment cases.

• UMAY's services are free for all users.

Revenue Model:

UMAY's revenue model involves strategic partnerships with cities, municipalities, and public transportation companies. Valuable data insights derived from user interactions and incident reports empower these entities to combat street harassment effectively, fostering collaboration and enhancing public safety.

Community Impact:

• 65,000+ active users and 2,000+ alerts.

• Partnerships with 20+ client communities in France and the UK.

• Free app for users, a subscription-based platform for clients, and a network of Safe Places with support training.