With over 1,000 senior executive speakers across 40 stages, MOVE is the most comprehensive and cross-modal event on the planet. Our presenters are disruptors & visionary industry leaders from all disciplines and modes. They are selected for their relevance, dynamism and insight.



Electric Vehicles I

Electric Vehicles is where the automotive industry’s giants will debate what the future holds for the personal electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicles II

This stream’s second day also covers the electric car future and what it means for the industry.

Automotive Supply Chain

With the advent of the electric and connected car, the modern automotive supply chain is coming under unprecedented strain. Hear how it is being reshaped to unblock bottlenecks and ensure lasting strength and resilience, as well as socially and environmentally responsible material sourcing.

Tech, Data & Innovation I

Featuring the latest in cutting-edge transport technology including data analytics, data security and cloud and edge computing. Plus start-up programmes and city and OEM innovation strategies.

Tech, Data & Innovation II

Day 2 will continue with the mobility industry’s most innovative tech and data case studies.

Autonomous Vehicles and Mapping & GIS

The Autonomous Vehicles stream will showcase the AV sector’s progress from level 3 autonomy to levels 4 and 5 and the driverless tech enabling this transition. As well as the latest advances in data collection, mapping and digital twins for smarter mobility in urban environments.

MaaS I

MaaS will cover the latest in how cities are working with MaaS technology providers to interconnect transport modes and make the city more accessible.


The second day of this stream will also cover how world leading tech companies and cities are unearthing the hottest trends in multimodality.

Regulation, Liability & ESG

With the onset of zero emission policies, autonomous and data security legislation and issues surrounding new mobility insurance, this track looks at the regulatory landscape in this new normal.

Energy & Charging I

This stream will focus on how fleet, cities, grid networks and energy companies are partnering to drive the surge of EV infrastructure around the world.

Energy & Charging II

We resume to discuss the latest EV infrastructure projects, as well as wireless and pop up charging, electric roads and much more!

Battery Tech

As battery technology charges forward, the transport industry is benefitting. Hear how new battery chemistries and materials are driving a lighter and longer lasting battery.


Will hear best-in-class case studies of new transport planning, digital highways and hubs and smart infrastructure design.

Smart Traffic

Mobility is moving forward and so must traffic – see the leading innovations in traffic management, enforcement, AI, smart signage and much more.

Smart Cities I

The city of the future requires a new approach. Global smart city leaders will discuss their latest mobility projects and how they ensure citizen buy in.

Smart Cities II

Day 2 of this stream will also showcase best-in-class smart city transport projects and their impact on the cityscape.

Micromobility I

Ridership is on the rise across bike sharing, scooters and LEVs. Hear how cycling and active mobility leaders are riding this momentum to drive change.

Micromobility II

Day 2 of this stream will continue the micromobility piece in all its guises, from e-scooters and e-bikes, to the many innovative microvehicles that are taking over.

Air & Water

The world of eVTOLs, UAVs and drones is ready for take off. And down below, new fleets of electric boats are setting sail. Join us to find out what this new reality will mean for personal mobility and deliveries.

Bus Trans

The original MaaS providers have an imperative part to play in the mobility revolution. This stage will feature the world's most innovative bus strategies and tech, all placed within the new world of mobility.

Ticketing, Revenue & Payments

Get exposure to the most innovative payment and commerce systems designed for multimodal transport. Seamless city travel at its best.

Truck Tech

Convoy! The latest in electric and gen fuel cell trucks, dynamic routing, autonomous tech, platooning and more – your one stop shop for all the latest truck related technology.

Last Mile Delivery

Fleet and delivery leaders will discuss how electrification, route optimisation and smart deliveries are reducing emissions and congestion.

Connectivity & 5G

The connectivity & 5G track will showcase the latest in V-2-V and V-2-X applications as well as the advent of 5G tech and beyond.

Fleet Management I

Hear how leading fleet companies are using telematics, fleet management software and more to ensure a more efficient and sustainable fleet.

Fleet Management II

Day 2 will continue with groundbreaking fleet case studies that are meeting the net zero challenge.

V-Commerce & Dealerships

Automotive sales have lagged behind in the shift to a digital economy – but no more! Hear how used cars and dealerships have become the next e-commerce battleground and what car rental companies, dealerships and online retailers are doing to carve out their place.


As the EV revolution takes hold, the demand for metals is skyrocketing. This stream covers the innovative and sustainable mining and extraction methods that are keeping the energy transition green from the tailpipe to the mine.

Inclusive Mobility

How can we transition to inclusive mobility for all? This stage will showcase the huge benefits of gender balance, accessible mobility and transport equity.

EV Manufacturing & Skills

The automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century shift – the ICE is out and EVs are in. Hear how automotive industry leaders are transforming their manufacturing capabilities and bringing the workforce with them.

Mobility Finance & Business Models

The mobility space is ablaze with IPOs, mergers, acquisitions and innovative business models. This theatre will analyse the structures and partnerships required for success, as well as the latest in mobility fintech.

Start Me Up

Every business starts with an idea, and with investment an idea can go all the way. The Start Me Up stage gives our top 20 start-ups the chance to pitch their idea to a panel of judges to decide Move 2023’s Start Up of the Year. The prize? A ten minute pitch on our keynote stage!