Confirmed Speakers


Derrick Agyiri, CFO, Tidy Technologies Ltd

Tim Andrews, Founder, OVO Network

Tim Andrews | Founder | OVO Network » speaking at HOST

Cecilia Parker Aranha, Director, The Competition and Markets Authority

Erinc Arik, Head Of Product, Your Porter App

Erinc Arik | Head Of Product | Your Porter App » speaking at HOST

Cesar Augusto Ramos, Head of Partnerships, Avantio

Cesar Augusto Ramos | Head of Partnerships | Avantio » speaking at HOST

Benas Baltramiejunas, Co-Founder, Reneza

Buster Bark, Head Of Business Development, Minut Home Limited

Buster Bark | Head Of Business Development | Minut Home Limited » speaking at HOST

Sophie Barton, Customer Success Manager, AirDNA

Sophie Barton | Customer Success Manager | AirDNA » speaking at HOST

Heather Bayer, Co-Founder, Vacation Rental Formula

Huw Beaugie, Founder, The Thinking Traveller

Huw Beaugie | Founder | The Thinking Traveller » speaking at HOST

Jacopo Benedetti, Co-Founder, BOOM imagestudio

Jacopo Benedetti | Co-Founder | BOOM imagestudio » speaking at HOST

Francisco Benedito, Founder & CEO, Climate Trade

Francisco Benedito | Founder & CEO | Climate Trade » speaking at HOST

Henry Bennett, Chief Executive Officer, YourWelcome

Henry Bennett | Chief Executive Officer | YourWelcome » speaking at HOST

Erskine Berry, Commercial Director, City Relay

Erskine Berry | Commercial Director | City Relay » speaking at HOST

Stefano Bettanin, Doctor, Association of Property Managers Italia

Joseph Binestock, Director of Sales Americas, Guesty Inc

Joseph Binestock | Director of Sales Americas | Guesty Inc » speaking at HOST

Cameron Boal, Vice President, Marketing, travelnest

Cameron Boal | Vice President, Marketing | travelnest » speaking at HOST

Humphrey Bowles, Chief Executive Officer, GUARDHOG

Humphrey Bowles | Chief Executive Officer | GUARDHOG » speaking at HOST

Emily Bruce-Watt, Managing Director and Founder, Air Peace of Mind

Emily Bruce-Watt | Managing Director and Founder | Air Peace of Mind » speaking at HOST

Sarah Buck, Duty Manager, week2week Serviced Apartments

Sarah Buck | Duty Manager | week2week Serviced Apartments » speaking at HOST

Dawn Buckler, Director, Catalunya Casas

Dawn Buckler | Director | Catalunya Casas » speaking at HOST

Antonio Bustamante, Chief Executive Officer, Chekin

Ross Calladine, Head Of Business Support, Visit England

Fiona Campbell, CEO, Association Of Scotland's Self-Caterers

James Cassidy, Senior Director, Expedia Group, Partner Success, Vacation Rentals EMEA, Vrbo

Lourdes Castillo, Senior Account Manager, City Relay

Lourdes Castillo | Senior Account Manager | City Relay » speaking at HOST

Tom Caton, Chief Revenue Officer, AirDNA

Tom Caton | Chief Revenue Officer | AirDNA » speaking at HOST

Duncan Chappell, Commercial Director, elina PMS

Duncan Chappell | Commercial Director | elina PMS » speaking at HOST

Lisa Chen, VP, Global Lodging Connectivity & Solutions, Expedia Group

Lisa Chen | VP, Global Lodging Connectivity & Solutions | Expedia Group » speaking at HOST

Sonia Chennoufi, Head of Business Development, Kigo

Sonia Chennoufi | Head of Business Development | Kigo » speaking at HOST

Robin Clifford, Head of Expansion, Nestor Stay

Robin Clifford | Head of Expansion | Nestor Stay » speaking at HOST

Matt Curtis, Founder, Smart City Policy Group

Matt Curtis | Founder | Smart City Policy Group » speaking at HOST

Shelley D'Arcy, Vice President - Property Recruitment,

Shelley D'Arcy | Vice President - Property Recruitment | » speaking at HOST

Daan De Bruijn, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Bookboost


Etienne DE GALBERT | CEO | » speaking at HOST

Luca De Giglio, Chief Executive Officer, Trips Community

Erwin de Jong Oliveira, General Manager - London, Blueground Furnished Apartments UK Limited

Erwin de Jong Oliveira | General Manager - London | Blueground Furnished Apartments UK Limited » speaking at HOST

Cornelia De Ruiter, Co-Founder, Homewings

Cornelia De Ruiter | Co-Founder | Homewings » speaking at HOST

Vanessa De Souza Lage, Chief Marketing Officer, Rentals United

Vanessa De Souza Lage | Chief Marketing Officer | Rentals United » speaking at HOST

Alex Dervish, Sales And Revenue Consultant, elina PMS

Alex Dervish | Sales And Revenue Consultant | elina PMS » speaking at HOST

Keith Evans, Chief Investment & Development Officer, Ennismore

Keith Evans | Chief Investment & Development Officer | Ennismore » speaking at HOST

Roland Fiege, Chief Executive Officer,

Roland Fiege | Chief Executive Officer | » speaking at HOST

Tom Fisher, Market Development Manager - Northwest Europe, BOOM imagestudio

Tom Fisher | Market Development Manager - Northwest Europe | BOOM imagestudio » speaking at HOST

James Foice, Chief Executive Officer, The ASAP

James Foice | Chief Executive Officer | The ASAP » speaking at HOST

Karen Foster, Managing Director, GuestTalk Ltd

Karen Foster | Managing Director | GuestTalk Ltd » speaking at HOST

harry foster, M, Terrapinn

harry foster | M | Terrapinn » speaking at HOST

Jeremy Gall, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Breezeway

Kit Garg, Senior Program Lead Channel Operations, Vrbo

Kit Garg | Senior Program Lead Channel Operations | Vrbo » speaking at HOST

Kevin Gestin, Co-Founder & CEO, easyBNB

Kevin Gestin | Co-Founder & CEO | easyBNB » speaking at HOST

Jessica Gillingham, Director, Abode

Jessica Gillingham | Director | Abode » speaking at HOST

Jake Gingerich, Team Lead, EMEA, Beyond Pricing

Jake Gingerich | Team Lead, EMEA | Beyond Pricing » speaking at HOST

Michael Goldin, Director of Business Development, NoiseAware

Michael Goldin | Director of Business Development | NoiseAware » speaking at HOST

Philip Grace, QUARTERS Co-living

Philip Grace |  | QUARTERS Co-living » speaking at HOST

Gavin Gray, Connectivity and Operations, Vrbo

Gavin Gray | Connectivity and Operations | Vrbo » speaking at HOST

Alistair Handyside, Chairman, PASC UK Ltd

Sascha Hausmann, Partner, HOWZAT Partners

Deborah Heather, Director, Quality In Tourism

Deborah Heather | Director | Quality In Tourism » speaking at HOST

Alix Hecht, Global Head of Sales, Wishbox

Chris Hemmeter, Managing Director, Thayer Ventures

Chris Hemmeter | Managing Director | Thayer Ventures » speaking at HOST

Sally Henry, Sales Director, Awaze UK

Sally Henry | Sales Director | Awaze UK » speaking at HOST

Chris Herndon, Co-Founder, The Guild Inc

Chris Herndon | Co-Founder | The Guild Inc » speaking at HOST

Giles Horwitch-Smith, Managing Director, Res Harmonics

Katie Houghton, Managing Director, CorrMed

Katie Houghton | Managing Director | CorrMed » speaking at HOST

Pierre Hubisz, Founder, Bonjour Consulting

Pierre Hubisz | Founder | Bonjour Consulting » speaking at HOST

Diogo Infante do Carmo, Country Manager, Portugal, ALTIDO

Diogo Infante do Carmo | Country Manager, Portugal | ALTIDO » speaking at HOST

Maksim Izmaylov, Founder, Winding Tree

Maksim Izmaylov | Founder | Winding Tree » speaking at HOST

Eric Jafari, Chief Development Officer & Creative Director, Edyn Group

Eric Jafari | Chief Development Officer & Creative Director | Edyn Group » speaking at HOST

Kurt Janson, Director, Tourism Alliance

Kurt Janson | Director | Tourism Alliance » speaking at HOST

Cliff Johnson, CCO,

Cliff Johnson | CCO | » speaking at HOST

Dominic Johnson, Publisher, Luxury Bed & Breakfast Magazine

Dominic Johnson | Publisher | Luxury Bed & Breakfast Magazine » speaking at HOST

Merilee Karr, Chair, STAA

Merilee Karr | Chair | STAA » speaking at HOST

Estelle Keeber, Chief Executive Officer, MIBA

Estelle Keeber | Chief Executive Officer | MIBA » speaking at HOST

Philip Kennard, Chief Executive Officer, Futurestay

Philip Kennard | Chief Executive Officer | Futurestay » speaking at HOST

Robert Kennedy, Product Director And Co-Founder, SuperControl

Robert Kennedy | Product Director And Co-Founder | SuperControl » speaking at HOST

Richie Khandelwal, President And Co-Founder, PriceLabs

Richie Khandelwal | President And Co-Founder | PriceLabs » speaking at HOST

Andreas King-Geovanis, Managing Partner, Sextant Stays

Andreas King-Geovanis | Managing Partner | Sextant Stays » speaking at HOST

Lennart Kok, Director of Global Partnerships, Nextpax

Lennart Kok | Director of Global Partnerships | Nextpax » speaking at HOST

Deborah Labi, Founder, Have You Got

Charlotte Lamp Davies, Founder, A Bright Approach

Charlotte Lamp Davies | Founder | A Bright Approach » speaking at HOST

Elpida Lampi, Business Systems & Process Manager, UnderTheDoormat

Elpida Lampi | Business Systems & Process Manager | UnderTheDoormat » speaking at HOST

Carlos Villaro Lassen, Secretary General, EHHA European Holiday Home Association

Carlos Villaro Lassen | Secretary General | EHHA European Holiday Home Association » speaking at HOST

Martijn Leenders, SVP of Distribution, OYO Vacation Homes

Martijn Leenders | SVP of Distribution | OYO Vacation Homes » speaking at HOST

Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg, Chief Executive Officer, Lavanda

Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg | Chief Executive Officer | Lavanda » speaking at HOST

Maxime Leufroy-Murat, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, City Relay

Maxime Leufroy-Murat | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | City Relay » speaking at HOST

Tim Levitan, Vice Chairman, Institute of Hotel Security Management

Matthew Liu, Co-Founder, Origin Ltd

Matthew Liu | Co-Founder | Origin Ltd » speaking at HOST

Karl Llewellyn, Founder & CEO, Sanctifly

Russell Logan, System and Revenue Consultant, elina PMS

Russell Logan | System and Revenue Consultant | elina PMS » speaking at HOST

Christoph Lückl, Head of B2B, Nuki Home Solutions

Christoph Lückl | Head of B2B | Nuki Home Solutions » speaking at HOST

Murdoch MacRury, Product Director, 80 Days

Murdoch MacRury | Product Director | 80 Days » speaking at HOST

Vinayak Mahtani, CEO, bnbme

Vinayak Mahtani | CEO | bnbme » speaking at HOST

Katie Maitland, Owner, Piper House, Stamford

Lyle Markle, Design Director, Bookster

Lyle Markle | Design Director | Bookster » speaking at HOST

Jill Mason, Founder, VRScheduler

Jill Mason | Founder | VRScheduler » speaking at HOST

Thibault Masson, Founder, Rental Scale-Up

Thibault Masson | Founder | Rental Scale-Up » speaking at HOST

Chris Maughan, CEO, I-PRAC

Chris Maughan | CEO | I-PRAC » speaking at HOST

Kevin May, Editor In Chief, Phocuswire

Kevin May | Editor In Chief | Phocuswire » speaking at HOST

Leona McDarby, CFO, Kerten Hospitality

Leona McDarby | CFO | Kerten Hospitality » speaking at HOST

Andy Mcnulty, Co-Founder, Touch Stay

Andy Mcnulty | Co-Founder | Touch Stay » speaking at HOST

Hans Meyer, Co-Founder And Managing Director, Zoku

Hans Meyer | Co-Founder And Managing Director | Zoku » speaking at HOST

David Mezuman, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Wishbox

David Mezuman | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Wishbox » speaking at HOST

Steve Milo, CEO, Vtrips

Steve Milo | CEO | Vtrips » speaking at HOST

Fran Milsom, Co-Founder, Nestor Stay

Fran Milsom | Co-Founder | Nestor Stay » speaking at HOST

Eduardo Miranda, President, ALEP

Eduardo Miranda | President | ALEP » speaking at HOST

Robin Morris, CEO, Bookster

Robin Morris | CEO | Bookster » speaking at HOST

Karen Mullins, EMEA Marketing Insights Director, Expedia Group

Karen Mullins | EMEA Marketing Insights Director | Expedia Group » speaking at HOST

Jack Newman, Design Director, The Plum Guide

Jack Newman | Design Director | The Plum Guide » speaking at HOST

Alex Nigg, Founder, Properly, Inc

Alex Nigg | Founder | Properly, Inc » speaking at HOST

Robertin Nunez, President, Co Host Expert Company

Conrad O'Connell, Founder, BuildUp Bookings

Conrad O'Connell | Founder | BuildUp Bookings » speaking at HOST

Jay Olenicz, CEO, OneStay Group

Jay Olenicz | CEO | OneStay Group » speaking at HOST

Sarah Orchard, Director, Get Fully Booked

Sarah Orchard | Director | Get Fully Booked » speaking at HOST

Ted Orf, Co-Founder, Revolt Ventures

Ted Orf | Co-Founder | Revolt Ventures » speaking at HOST

Magdalena Osmola, Marketing Director, Vale do Lobo Resort

Magdalena Osmola | Marketing Director | Vale do Lobo Resort » speaking at HOST

Nicolai Padoan, Global Commercial Head, Kerten Hospitality

Nicolai Padoan | Global Commercial Head | Kerten Hospitality » speaking at HOST

Theodore Papadimitriou, General Manager, Cocoon Suites

William Parry, Chief Operating Officer, ALTIDO

William Parry | Chief Operating Officer | ALTIDO » speaking at HOST

Edouard Peers, General Counsel, STAA

Edouard Peers | General Counsel | STAA » speaking at HOST

Chris Penn, Co-Founder, Birch

Chris Penn | Co-Founder | Birch » speaking at HOST

Carlos Pérez-Lanzac, President, AVVA

Carlos Pérez-Lanzac | President | AVVA » speaking at HOST

Will Plummer, Chief Executive Officer,

Will Plummer | Chief Executive Officer | » speaking at HOST

Tom Powers, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Abodeca

Tom Powers | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Abodeca » speaking at HOST

Marcus Rader, CEO, Hostaway

Marcus Rader | CEO | Hostaway » speaking at HOST

Peter Ramsey, Director, Screenlyy

Peter Ramsey | Director | Screenlyy » speaking at HOST

Maria Rekrut, Founder & President, Canadian Real Estate Investors Association

Maria Rekrut | Founder & President | Canadian Real Estate Investors Association » speaking at HOST

Jasper Ribbers, Founder, Get Paid For Your Pad

Jasper Ribbers | Founder | Get Paid For Your Pad » speaking at HOST

Heather Richer, Board President, Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners

Heather Richer | Board President | Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners » speaking at HOST

Jay Roberts, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Domio

Jay Roberts | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Domio » speaking at HOST

Moriya Rockman, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Smiling House Ltd

Moriya Rockman | Founder & Chief Marketing Officer | Smiling House Ltd » speaking at HOST

Michael Ros, CEO / co-founder,

Michael Ros | CEO / co-founder | » speaking at HOST

Tomer Rosenblum, Director of Sales EMEA, APAC, Guesty

Tomer Rosenblum | Director of Sales EMEA, APAC | Guesty » speaking at HOST

Christophe Salmon, Co-Founder & CEO, Revyoos

Christophe Salmon | Co-Founder & CEO | Revyoos » speaking at HOST

Anniina Sandberg, Founder, Visit Natives

Andria Santos, CEO, Fulhaus

Andria Santos | CEO | Fulhaus » speaking at HOST

Karolina Saviova, COO, Altovita

Karolina Saviova | COO | Altovita » speaking at HOST

David Sayag, Chief Technology Officer, Sweet Inn

David Sayag | Chief Technology Officer | Sweet Inn » speaking at HOST

Ryan Saylor, Senior Revenue Manager, Beyond Pricing

Florian Schmitz, Founder & Co-CEO, Resonance Partners

Florian Schmitz | Founder & Co-CEO | Resonance Partners » speaking at HOST

Hendrik Schubert, Co-Founder, Finance and Analytics, Roamlike

Hendrik Schubert | Co-Founder, Finance and Analytics | Roamlike » speaking at HOST

Sem Schuurkes, Co-Founder, CityHub

Vered Raviv Schwarz, Chief Operating Officer, Guesty Inc

Vered Raviv Schwarz | Chief Operating Officer | Guesty Inc » speaking at HOST

Wendy Shand, Founder, Tots To Travel Limited

Wil Slickers, Slick Talk Podcast

Wil Slickers |  | Slick Talk Podcast » speaking at HOST

Dale Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Host & Stay

Alejandro Soria, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cohosting

Alejandro Soria | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Cohosting » speaking at HOST

Ella Stahl, Vice President Sales, Gamitee

Ella Stahl | Vice President Sales | Gamitee » speaking at HOST

Amanda Stecker, CEO, Unique Cotswold Cottages

Matthew Stephens,

Matthew Stephens |  | » speaking at HOST

Sean Stephenson, Director, Fenchurch Short Stays

Sean Stephenson | Director | Fenchurch Short Stays » speaking at HOST

Paul Stevens, Editor, ShortTermRentalz

Paul Stevens | Editor | ShortTermRentalz » speaking at HOST

Kulveer Taggar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Zeus Living

Eleanor Tucker, Sharing & Gig Economy Consultant, Eleanor Tucker

Eleanor Tucker | Sharing & Gig Economy Consultant | Eleanor Tucker » speaking at HOST

Richard Vaughton, Director And Co-Founder, Rentivo

Richard Vaughton | Director And Co-Founder | Rentivo » speaking at HOST

Chris Veitch, Inclusive Tourism Consultant, Access New Business

Chris Veitch | Inclusive Tourism Consultant | Access New Business » speaking at HOST

Hubert Viriot, Chief Executive Officer, Y.O.T.E.L.

Hubert Viriot | Chief Executive Officer | Y.O.T.E.L. » speaking at HOST

Jill Walker, Director of Distribution & Revenue Management, Eviivo

Jill Walker | Director of Distribution & Revenue Management | Eviivo » speaking at HOST

Cherry Wang, Country Manager, UK & Ireland, Homelike

Cherry Wang | Country Manager, UK & Ireland | Homelike » speaking at HOST

James Weatherby, Head of Sales, UK Market, Kigo

James Weatherby | Head of Sales, UK Market | Kigo » speaking at HOST

Jacob Wedderburn-Day, CEO, Stasher

Jacob Wedderburn-Day | CEO | Stasher » speaking at HOST

David Weston, Chairman, Bed & Breakfast Association

David Weston | Chairman | Bed & Breakfast Association » speaking at HOST

Martha Wilson, International Sales Manager, AirDNA

Martha Wilson | International Sales Manager | AirDNA » speaking at HOST

Tracey Woods, Chief Executive Officer, Landlord Smart Ltd

Rami Zeidan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Life House

Rami Zeidan | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Life House » speaking at HOST

Ioannis Zisimos, Owner, Hector Cave House



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