Confirmed Speakers


Cecilia Parker Aranha, Director, The Competition and Markets Authority

Benas Baltramiejunas, Co-Founder, Reneza

Benas Baltramiejunas | Co-Founder | Reneza » speaking at HOST

Buster Bark, Head Of Business Development, Minut

Buster Bark | Head Of Business Development | Minut » speaking at HOST

Pepper Barney, Architect, BiBO Studio

Heather Bayer, Co-Founder, Vacation Rental Formula

Jacopo Benedetti, Co-Founder, BOOM imagestudio

Jacopo Benedetti | Co-Founder | BOOM imagestudio » speaking at HOST

Mr Francisco Benedito, CEO, Climate Trade

Mr Francisco Benedito | CEO | Climate Trade » speaking at HOST

Stefano Bettanin, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Property Managers Italia

Andrew Boldt, Chief Operating Officer, GUARDHOG

Andrew Boldt | Chief Operating Officer | GUARDHOG » speaking at HOST

Humphrey Bowles, Chief Executive Officer, GUARDHOG

Humphrey Bowles | Chief Executive Officer | GUARDHOG » speaking at HOST

Amanda Brahams, Director, unique cotswolds cottages

Antonio Bustamante, Chief Executive Officer, Chekin

Ross Calladine, Head Of Business Support, Visit England

Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, Association Of Scotland's Self-Caterers

James Cassidy, Senior Director, Eu, Homeaway UK Ltd

James Cassidy | Senior Director, Eu | Homeaway UK Ltd » speaking at HOST

Michael Cevasco, Head of Investment & Development, Good Hotel London

Michael Cevasco | Head of Investment & Development | Good Hotel London » speaking at HOST

Rashmi Chadha, Founder, Wovoyage

Rashmi Chadha | Founder | Wovoyage » speaking at HOST

Matt Curtis, Founder, Smart City Policy Group

Matt Curtis | Founder | Smart City Policy Group » speaking at HOST

Katherine Davern, Owner And Operator, Avondale Accommodation

Katherine Davern | Owner And Operator | Avondale  Accommodation » speaking at HOST

Daan De Bruijn, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Bookboost

Etienne De Galbert, Founder And Chief Executive Officer,

Etienne De Galbert | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | » speaking at HOST

Luca De Giglio, Chief Executive Officer, Trips Community

Mr Keith Evans, Chief Investment & Development Officer, Ennismore

Mr Keith Evans | Chief Investment & Development Officer | Ennismore » speaking at HOST

Roland Fiege, Chief Executive Officer,

Roland Fiege | Chief Executive Officer | » speaking at HOST

Mr Mark Forrester, Chairman, 80 Days

Mr Mark Forrester | Chairman | 80 Days » speaking at HOST

Jeremy Gall, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Breezeway

Jessica Gillingham, Director, Abode

Jessica Gillingham | Director | Abode » speaking at HOST

Alistair Handyside, Chairman, PASC UK Ltd

Deborah Heather, Director, M Assessment Services / Quality in Tourism

Deborah Heather | Director | M Assessment Services / Quality in Tourism » speaking at HOST

Ms Alix Hecht, Global Head of Sales, Wishbox

John Heffernan, Director,

Aye Helsig, Vice President Europe, Homeaway UK Ltd

Aye Helsig | Vice President Europe | Homeaway UK Ltd » speaking at HOST

Giles Horwitch-Smith, Managing Director, Res Harmonics

Giles Horwitch-Smith | Managing Director | Res Harmonics » speaking at HOST

Zisimos Giannis Ionnis, Owner, Hector Cave House

Estelle Keeber, Chief Executive Officer, MIBA

Estelle Keeber | Chief Executive Officer | MIBA » speaking at HOST

Deborah Labi, Founder, Have You Got

Tim Levitan, Security Director, The Standard Hotels

Karl Llewellyn, Chief Executive Officer, Sanctifly

Rob Luff, General Manager, Barrow Hill Barns

Rob Luff | General Manager | Barrow Hill Barns » speaking at HOST

Katie Maitland, Owner, Piper House, Stamford

Steve Margo, Guest Services Executive, The Grove

Steve Margo | Guest Services Executive | The Grove » speaking at HOST

Andy Mcnulty, Co-Founder, Touch Stay

Andy Mcnulty | Co-Founder | Touch Stay » speaking at HOST

Fran Milsom, Co-Founder, Nestor Stay

Fran Milsom | Co-Founder | Nestor Stay » speaking at HOST

Jean-Philippe Monod De Froideville, Vice President Government And Corporate Affairs, Expedia Group

Jean-Philippe Monod De Froideville | Vice President Government And Corporate Affairs | Expedia Group » speaking at HOST

Karen Mullins, Managing Director, Uk And Ireland, Homeaway UK Ltd

Karen Mullins | Managing Director, Uk And Ireland | Homeaway UK Ltd » speaking at HOST

Mrs Margaret Murphy, Proprietor, Places and Spaces

Mrs Margaret Murphy | Proprietor | Places and Spaces » speaking at HOST

Robert Nunez, Chief Executive Officer, Co Host Expert Company

Mr Jay Olenicz, Founder, OneStay Group

Mr Jay Olenicz | Founder | OneStay Group » speaking at HOST

Ms Fabienne Oneill, Co-Founder And Director, Cuckooz Nest

Ms Fabienne Oneill | Co-Founder And Director | Cuckooz Nest » speaking at HOST

Theodore Papadimitriou, General Manager, Cocoon Suites

Will Plummer, Chief Executive Officer,

Kurt Ramirez, General Partner, Nine Four Ventures

Kurt Ramirez | General Partner | Nine Four Ventures » speaking at HOST

Jane Ranzetta, Owner, De Vere House

Jane Ranzetta | Owner | De Vere House » speaking at HOST

Sarah Riley, Founder, Inspired Collective

Sarah Riley | Founder | Inspired Collective » speaking at HOST

Jay Roberts, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Domio

Jay Roberts | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Domio » speaking at HOST

Mrs Moriya Rockman, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Smiling House Ltd

Mrs Moriya Rockman | Founder & Chief Marketing Officer | Smiling House Ltd » speaking at HOST

Michael Ros, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder,

Michael Ros | Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder | » speaking at HOST

Tomer Rosenblum, Account Executive, Guesty Inc

Tomer Rosenblum | Account Executive | Guesty Inc » speaking at HOST

Adam Rowledge, Managing Director, Rowledge Associates

Anniina Sandberg, Founder, Visit Natives

David Sayag, Chief Technology Officer, Sweet Inn

David Sayag | Chief Technology Officer | Sweet Inn » speaking at HOST

Mr Ryan Saylor, Senior Revenue Manager, Beyond Pricing

Mr Ryan Saylor | Senior Revenue Manager | Beyond Pricing » speaking at HOST

Hendrik Schubert, Co-Founder, Finance and Analytics, Roamlike

Hendrik Schubert | Co-Founder, Finance and Analytics | Roamlike » speaking at HOST

Sem Schuurkes, Co-Founder, CityHub

Wendy Shand, Founding Director, Tots To Travel Limited

Mrs Judith Simo, Operations Manager, Living Architecture

Mrs Judith Simo | Operations Manager | Living Architecture » speaking at HOST

Mr Wil Slickers, Slick Talk Podcast

Mr Wil Slickers |  | Slick Talk Podcast » speaking at HOST

Dale Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Host & Stay

Amiad Soto, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Guesty Inc

Eleanor Tucker, Co-Founder, Ganghut

Eleanor Tucker | Co-Founder | Ganghut » speaking at HOST

Chuks Uwaechia, Director, KH Homes Ltd

Chuks Uwaechia | Director | KH Homes Ltd » speaking at HOST

Richard Vaughton, Vice President European Operations, Stay Alfred

Richard Vaughton | Vice President European Operations | Stay Alfred » speaking at HOST

David Weston, Chairman, Bed & Breakfast Association

David Weston | Chairman | Bed & Breakfast Association » speaking at HOST

Brett Wise, Founder, Screenlyy

Brett Wise | Founder | Screenlyy » speaking at HOST

Ms Leo Wood, Founder, Kinder Design

Ms Leo Wood | Founder | Kinder Design » speaking at HOST

Tracey Woods, Chief Executive Officer, Landlord Smart Ltd

Brian Wright, Managing Director, FBD Consulting

Brian Wright | Managing Director | FBD Consulting » speaking at HOST


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