Westan Australia is a leading provider of innovative educational solutions in the audiovisual technology space. In close partnership with Philips Professional Display Solutions and Australian-owned Aurora Signage, we are dedicated to transforming learning environments through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology. Our strong focus on collaboration, creativity and student engagement ensure that our range of products and services comprehensively caters to the unique needs of schools, universities and other education institutions.

Our expert team collaborates closely with educators to develop tailored solutions that drive improved learning outcomes. Some of our most popular offerings include eye-popping Aurora LED displays, the incredible Philips E-Line interactive panel series, and a host of advanced classroom management tools. Westan Australia also enhances the auditory experience with a series of internationally-recognised audio brands. At EduTECH, we invite you to experience the latest innovations designed to empower teachers, inspire students, and forge a path into the future of educational audiovisual technologies.