One Student


Transform Education with OneStudent: Your Ultimate Cloud-Based Academic Marking and Reporting Solution

At OneStudent, we are dedicated to revolutionising the educational landscape with our cutting-edge Digital Academic Marking and Reporting System. Initially developed to meet the unique needs of Queensland's state schools, OneStudent has quickly become a beacon of efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in student assessment management.

Our innovative platform addresses the core challenges faced by educators without a digital grading system. OneStudent eliminates time-consuming manual calculations, reduces human errors in data entry, and provides unparalleled accessibility for teachers to update and access grades from anywhere. Our system fosters effective communication through real-time sharing of grades and comments, enhancing the connection between teachers, students, and parents.

OneStudent empowers educators with robust data-driven insights, allowing for informed instructional decisions and comprehensive reporting that tracks student progress accurately. Our customisable tools align seamlessly with your school's unique curriculum requirements, and our commitment to data security ensures that all student information is protected and compliant with privacy laws.

Experience the future of education with OneStudent. Simplify Markbook setup with effortless year-to-year criteria copying, enhance accuracy with our review features, and new capabilities, such as our Parent & Caregiver Reporting module. Join the growing number of schools transforming their grading processes and elevating their educational standards with OneStudent.

Discover more at ( and contact us for a demonstration to see how OneStudent can transform your school's grading and reporting system.