Cidi Labs

Innovation Alley Exhibitor

Who are Cidi Labs? We create tools that help Canvas course designers everywhere to do more in their Canvas courses faster than ever. Our Flagship product Design Tools provides an integrated course design toolset that makes it easy to rapidly build & style more dynamic and engaging courses without any advanced technical skills. It enables high-quality advanced content design components like accordions, tabs, buttons and more while also providing new functionality such as templates and standardised styling for your organisation.We round our product suite with three other tools. These are; ReadyGo, a course readiness tracker that helps instructional design teams prepare and quality check large batches of Canvas courses for upcoming terms; TidyUp, A utility to efficiently identify and delete unused files and content in Canvas to reduce course clutter and finally; UDOIT CLOUD, an accessibility tool that scans your Canvas course, identifies errors and provides guidance to improve accessibility with ease. To find out more abnout us and our Canvas products please visit