Shannon Tan | Research Executive

Shannon Tan, Research Executive, Kaplan

Shannon Tan is presently a Research Executive at Kaplan Higher Education Singapore. She is also the Journal Manager of the Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching. She holds a Bachelor's degree (double major in Psychology and Management) from Murdoch University.


Pre-conference Workshops @ 10:00

[M9] 7 Nov (AM) - War of the AI chatbots: Bard, Bing, ChatGPT and Ernie's impact on higher education

Developments in the chatbot space have been accelerating at breakneck speed since late November 2022. Every day, there appears to be a plethora of news. A war of competitor chatbots is raging amidst an AI arms race and gold rush. These rapid developments impact higher education, with millions of students and academics having started to use bots like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Bard, Ernie and others for a large variety of purposes. 

In this workshop, we highlight some of the most promising chatbots in the English and Chinese-language spaces and provide their corporate backgrounds and brief histories. Following an up-to-date literature review, understand the comparative method and proceed to systematically compare selected chatbots across a multi-disciplinary test that is relevant for higher education student assignments and online exams.  

This workshop also discusses their strengths and limitations as we provide four types of recommendations for key stakeholders in higher education:  

  • faculty in terms of assessment and  
  • teaching & learning,  
  • students and  
  • higher education institutions.
last published: 21/Sep/23 04:05 GMT

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