Sascha Funk | Head of Media Studies
Thammasat University

Sascha Funk, Head of Media Studies, Thammasat University

Head of Media Studies, Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication, Thammasat University Sascha Funk is a distinguished academic and thought leader in the field of media studies, currently serving as the Head of Media Studies at the Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. With a rich background in journalism, communication, AI, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Sascha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teaching and research endeavors. Sascha’s academic journey has been marked by a deep commitment to exploring the intersections of media, society, and technology. His research focuses on new media studies, communication & society, digital cultures, artificial intelligence, and educational technology. He oversees numerous research projects that delve into how these fields impact and shape contemporary social dynamics, particularly within minority communities. In addition to his academic role, Sascha is an active contributor to the professional community through his widely recognized podcast, "FUNK !T - Mindful Media & Communication." Through this platform, he engages with critical issues in media and communication, offering insights and fostering thoughtful discussions. Sascha’s expertise is further highlighted by his frequent contributions to conferences and seminars worldwide, where he shares his insights on the latest trends and developments in digital media and educational technology. His recent work includes exploring the transformative potential of digital storytelling for sustainable change across Asia, with a particular focus on marginalized voices and ethical considerations in digital narratives. A passionate educator and mentor, Sascha is dedicated to equipping the next generation of media professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and shape the future media landscape. His innovative teaching methods and commitment to fostering critical thinking and creativity in his students have earned him widespread recognition and respect. At Edutech 2024, Sascha will be sharing his latest insights on the role of AI in education, digital storytelling for social impact, and the evolving landscape of media studies. His presentations are known for their depth, engaging delivery, and practical applications, making him a sought-after speaker in the field of educational technology.

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