Hy-Cin Toh | Senior Lecturer-Mentor
Institute of Technical Education

Hy-Cin Toh, Senior Lecturer-Mentor, Institute of Technical Education

Hy-Cin is a deeply passionate, highly animated, and boldly authentic lecturer whose greatest calling is to have her students look back years after graduation and say, “Hey there was this someone who believed in me when I didn’t and because of that, I eventually did.” With over 10 years of teaching experience in the field of imparting life skills to her students, she is all too familiar with one of the biggest hurdles in the classroom; and that is how to draw out those real-life stories from her students and use them to create meaningful emotional connections before talking about imparting skills or delivering lesson content? After all, students need to know you genuinely care about them before they are interested in exploring what you want to teach them. Merging fun board game elements with real-world scenarios and game mechanisms that inspire "from-the-heart" connections, Hy-Cin is excited to be given this opportunity together with her esteemed colleagues to share a solution and in doing so, inspire fellow esteemed educators to create unique pedagogical tools for use in their very own classrooms! Let us work together to create a world where students feel empowered to reach their fullest potential and teachers are reminded of their need to have fun and stay in touch with their passion to make their biggest impact in the classroom.

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