Ghazali Wahab | Senior Teacher
Canberra Secondary School

Ghazali Wahab, Senior Teacher, Canberra Secondary School

Hi there! I'm an enthusiastic teacher who loves to use AI to enhance the learning experience of my students. With a passion for education and a keen interest in technology, I've been able to explore innovative ways of teaching that have helped me connect with students from diverse backgrounds. My current interest is in the use of AI for teaching. I'm always on the lookout for new tools and platforms that can help me make my lessons more interactive and engaging. Whether it's using chatbots to provide personalized feedback or using various AI tools to create exciting storylines to motivate my students, I'm constantly looking to push the boundaries of what's possible in education. I love being on the cutting edge of pedagogy. It's what has sustained my enthusiasm for teaching these past 2 decades!


EDUtech Asia 2024 Conference Day 2 @ 11:45

Case study presentation – AI Poetica: exploring the efficacy of AI in enhancing students’ essay writing

  • Inter-school research from secondary schools in Singapore into the design of AI chatbots for educational settings
  • Leveraging AI to provide instant feedback on essay writing
  • Integrating AI-generated feedback into the student learning process for self-improvement
last published: 21/May/24 08:15 GMT

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