Craig Kemp | Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Craig Kemp, Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder, EduSpark.World

Craig is an experienced Educator and highly sought-after EdTech consultant who supports digital transformation. Craig is the Co-Founder of EduSpark — a NEW, revolutionary Education Professional Learning Platform. Using his years of experience as an educator, leader and consultant, he has partnered with a powerhouse of educators and leaders from all over the world to bring you a learning experience like you have never seen before! It is truly professional learning redefined. Craig is a passionate educator with 15+ years of experience teaching, leading and now consulting in public and private schools as well as with EdTech Companies all over the world. Craig is a global speaker, workshop host and consultant — a digital learning transformation leader whose work is highly sought after by schools, institutions and EdTech companies wanting to scale and grow.


Pre-conference Workshops @ 10:00

[M1] 7 Nov (AM) - Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Power of EdTech

We live in a world of constant change. As the world changes, grows and adapts we face many challenges both inside and outside our educational institutions. Many of which link to the use of technology and how it adds value to our everyday lives. In a world of constant change, enhanced by technology, how can we enable learners to be the best version of themselves? In this session, Craig will share stories about the current landscape of global education and the need to support learning in the Digital Age. Craig will explore how to change mindsets and empower learning through the effective and purposeful integration of technology, using case studies from his experience. In a world of constant change, the ability for educators to connect and be strategic to make change through the use of technology will ultimately empower the learning journey at our schools. Come along and be prepared to engage, learn and challenge your way of thinking.

Attendees should bring their laptop for this workshop session.

Pre-conference Workshops @ 14:00

[W1] 7 Nov (PM) - Fuelling minds for future-focused learning

In this workshop, Craig will talk about his experience using technology as a tool to engage students in learning and connect them with the world.

He will share case studies from schools across the globe, data from global studies to give punchy reasons WHY we need to grow, change and adapt, and give practical tips and advice on how to support effective technology integration in your school to create a positive and engaging learning environment in what is the fastest-changing environment the world has ever seen. Learn new tools, have time to play and explore with them and identify your own learning goals and your own WHY so you can go back and take action – the fourth industrial revolution starts here!

Attendees should bring their laptop for this workshop session.

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