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Want to know more about selling to the Australian Government?

Come and speak to Department of Finance representatives to ask any questions you have on Australian Government procurement. The team will have resources to help you as a potential supplier. We look forward to sharing information to help you find opportunities and compete for Australian Government contracts.

The Department to Finance’s Selling to Government website provides information to support businesses understand how to participate in Australian Government procurement and contracting opportunities. If you are interested in selling to the Australian Government, we can provide you with the information and starting point you need. This website will help you familiarise yourself with the process, be better prepared to find and bid for opportunities, and better manage contracts and relationships if you win work.

For more information, visit the Selling to Government website at

Finance also administers AusTender, the Australian Government’s procurement information system. You can use AusTender to:
  • Register and be notified of business opportunities to match your business profile
  • Identify upcoming opportunities in annual procurement plans
  • Download tender documents
  • Lodge a tender response
  • Find details about successful tenderers and existing contracts

For more information, visit AusTender at