As one of the key scientific hubs in Europe, our location at the Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland is no coincidence. Having partnered with most of the laboratories in this region and neighbouring countries, we have an excellent network of professionals for you to engage with.


More than 10 leading global companies have their roots in the region

The unique position of the Rhine, where Switzerland, France and Germany meet, with direct access to all important traffic routes and to the world’s oceans, has always played a major part in ensuring the sustainable economic success of the region. As long ago as the Middle Ages, Basel had already grown to become an important centre for trade, and to this day it remains a major centre for science and research. Aside from Novartis and Roche – two of the world’s three largest pharmaceutical companies – there another 700 life sciences companies in Switzerland with over 50 life sciences companies, from international pharmaceutical to medical and nanotechnology companies, headquartered in Basel.

As a cross industry event, we’ll benefit from the Basel’s undisputed leading destinations in the life sciences sector. But not only in this sector - especially in related industries, too, such as chemicals, nanotechnology, medtech, cosmetics and nutraceuticals, there is a growth of interesting clusters of successful companies in the region. 




26 - 27 June 2024