Future Labs Live



31 May - 2 June 2023

Congress Center Basel, Switzerland






AI, Machine & Deep Learning

The technology everyone is talking about…but how can these technologies be used in drug discovery, to enhance industries outside of the life science domain and enable the development of self-driving labs?

Automated, Integrated & Interoperable Discovery

Maximising outputs by introducing technologies and reducing human intervention, with topics including digital twins, mobile robots, automated workflows

Connectivity & Collaboration

We are breaking down silos by looking at how we collaborate across a singular lab, multinational spaces and even across different companies. Ensuring agile technology and promoting openness are the key areas of focus of these.

Data Management, Standards & Analytics

How do we ensure we are getting the most out of our data? These sessions will focus on data standards in practice, FAIRification, platform schedulers and more.

Digital Transformation

How can we digitalise existing systems and processes? We will be covering sessions around ELNs and LIMS to human-centric approaches to digitalisation and ensuring effective change management.

(NEW) Lab Operations & Efficiency 

Ensuing the lab is well managed, operating effectively, and with assets that are maintained. These sessions will address the use of space, facility assets management, and increasing functionality within the lab.

(NEW) Smart Lab Facilities

Designing, developing and building labs to stand the test of time. These sessions will look at key examples of future-proofed newly developed labs and refurbished older buildings.


With net-zero targets set, these sessions will outline how labs can embed sustainability early on in the design and development process, as well as weaving into existing practices and systems.

Tech Transformation

Technology in the lab is ever-evolving, but how do we keep up? These sessions will look at miniaturisation, VR and what the future will look like for technology used in our labs.

(NEW) Training, Development & Talent 

How can we prepare new scientists for a job? How can we ensure staff are trained to use new technology? What methods can we use to ensure staff work in an interdisciplinary manner and are accepting of new methods and processes?