Q Alizer AG


q_alizer is a technology startup from Switzerland providing a cloud-based SaaS solution to improve workflows in QA and QC departments with better data analytics and planning capabilities. Following a proactive approach, q_alizer helps customers in the life science industry to find the sweet spot between quality workflows, resources and throughput time, making the management of processes more transparent and successful. q_alizer is a digital twin of the batch disposition process of quality units. It’s an innovative cockpit that enables customers to better manage their work in progress (WIP) and to pro-actively improve throughput time and workflows. Empowered by data insights derived from batch release data such as QC or deviation batch record reviews, quality units are now able to leverage the concept of “Little’s Law” to better plan and avoid capacity issues. Despite its sophistication, q_alizer is an intuitive tool that helps create interactive charts, workflow simulations and enables customers to fully understand the dynamic of their quality unit by providing an immediate overview of the status of samples and batches. The team behind q_alizer consists of experts in lean management, software engineering and change management who will be the trusted co-pilots making sure customers are at the forefront of pro-active workflow management, steering their quality unit to success



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