droptical GmbH


droptical GmbH is a start-up from Nuremberg and develops drop generators and camera-based process monitoring technology in miniature format. The story began with a customers development for a camera to analyse issues in a dispensing process. Therefore, the idea hast come up to create a precise dispenser with low-cost components. The special thing about the developed systems: Both the dispenser and the camera are very compact and can therefore be integrated almost anywhere, as well as being inexpensive and with unique features that are already under patenting. The drop generator produces volumes of 0.2 - 25 nl, based on a novel and cost-effective operating principle. This range has so far been covered exclusively by high-priced systems. A quick-change concept for the nozzle unit ensures contamination-free application processes with a single actuator, without time-consuming rinsing of the nozzles. The integration of a miniaturised "nano" camera for precise determination of the dispensing quantity directly in the process offers immense time as well as cost potentials for the customer.