1LIMS is a laboratory consulting company and LIMS manufacturer based in Zurich, specializing in laboratory transformation and process optimization of manufacturing industries and service laboratories with the aim of making processes more effective and efficient to sustainably increase value.

Through a personalized consulting service for quality and laboratory processes, 1LIMS holistically accompanies companies in the laboratory transformation from analog and rigid workflows to value-creating structures. Thanks to a cloud-based and industry-independent software solution, which is flexibly structured and can be independently adapted individually to industry requirements and user needs, workflows are digitally mapped and automated.

With the 1LIMS laboratory and quality software, the complex ecosystem of devices, apps and employees can be connected. Thanks to the agile, intuitive and smart framework solution, 1LIMS can be flexibly adapted to any processes and integrated and connected to all IT infrastructures (ERP, MES, laboratory devices). Thanks to a modern and powerful micro service architecture and a user-centric and proactive user interface, data can be used for better quality decisions, resource planning as well as for laboratory management.

1LIMS offers an interdisciplinary competence center in the areas of laboratory digitization and automation, Smart Lab 4.0, digital quality management, laboratory transformation and conducts workshops and events on the various topics together with partners.