Jeremy Hartley | Policy Specialist - Vertiports
Civil Aviation Authority

Jeremy Hartley, Policy Specialist - Vertiports, Civil Aviation Authority

Jeremy (Jam) Hartley is the Policy Specialist-Vertiports for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the United Kingdoms (UK) aviation regulator. His position was developed as part of the UKs Future Flight Programme to ensure that regulations for this new type of aerodrome infrastructure allow for safe and efficient operations and are ready for the introduction of these novel eVTOL aircraft. After fifteen years in aviation related roles, and seven years in healthcare, Jam took to obtaining his MSc in Air Transport Operations and Business Management, equipping himself to formulate ideas and make educated decisions to facilitate the world of aviation into the future. During his studies, he focused his efforts on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), producing a thesis on utilizing eVTOL aircraft to support The NHS National Organ Retrieval Service surgical teams from time, economic and environmental aspects. Jam believes that in the current global climate, with pressures on sustaining an environmentally stable planet, changes are required to develop new and maintain existing aviation business that will thrive to serve generations to come in an equitable manner. To compliment his role, Jam is involved with working groups within the CAA and other external agencies. He is the UK member for the ICAO working group designated to developing international vertiport design standards and has worked with EUROCAE on developing guidance pertaining to managing lithium-Ion battery fires relating to eVTOL aircraft. These experiences allow for a broad spectrum of knowledge and understanding of this innovative industry, which he is employing to ensure a safe and future proof AAM environment.


World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 2 @ 14:40

Fireside chat: Establishing safe and efficient eVTOL operations at existing airports.

World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 2 @ 14:55

Panel: Urban Air Mobility: Taking Flight – Challenges, Opportunities, and the Future of Airports

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