Nairobi, Kenya, 21 - 22 November 2017


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Nov 2109:00
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Developing transport infrastructure for your economy and your citizens

  •     Preparing for megatrends influencing the way we live, work, travel and consume information
  •     Intelligent transport systems 
  •     The impact of urbanisation on infrastructure planning 
  •     Costs, resources and unique challenges 
  •     Are we developing fast enough?
Nov 2109:30
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Panel: East Africa rail master plan – How do we get there?

  •     The influence of global trends on East Africa’s master plan 
  •     Partnerships, boosting capacity and new builds 
  •     Where and how will Africa secure funding 
  •     Planning for the future – what growth can be expected? 
  •     Overcoming cross board challenges
  •     Adopting industry innovations  
Nov 2111:20
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How to secure investment with limited strings attached

  •     Exploring all financial options - fees, rates and terms 
  •     Partnering with the correct financier  
  •     Private debt, bond or bank capital – comparing the financial options 
  •     How has the landscape for infrastructure debt changed? 
Nov 2111:40
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Innovative financing models

  •     Looking to alternatives to fund railway projects in Africa 
  •     Increasing importance of private financing for railway projects
  •     Financing models and instruments: what are the options?
  •     Lessons learnt from successful case studies 
Nov 2112:00
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Mutually beneficial PPP structures for investors, operators and services

  •     What does as 21st century PPP structure look like? 
  •     Overcoming cross-border contractual challenges 
  •     Interpreting and using the latest global PPP performance data 
  •     Applying global best practice 
  •     The key drivers for rail PPP’s: Changing environment, costs and efficiency, private capital and quality and innovation 
Hannah Vowles, Head of International Trade, Department for International Trade
Nov 2112:20
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Nov 2112:20
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Improving cross border relationships

Nov 2112:20
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Nov 2112:20
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Effective implementation of an extensive network upgrade plan

Solomon Eshetu, Director General, Ethio-Djibouti Railways
Nov 2112:20
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Nov 2112:20
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Upgrading your railway control system

Nov 2114:20
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Kenya: A closer look at the hottest projects and what is being done to open the door for investment

Featuring Kenya’s Megaprojects and the Kenya Vision 2030 – what can $50 billion do for transport infrastructure?

Nov 2114:40
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Tanzania: A closer look at the hottest projects and what is being done to open the door for investment.

Featuring the planned $14 billion spend on a new railway network - the single biggest project ever to be implemented in Tanzania
Bruno Ching'andu, Managing Director, Tazara
Nov 2115:00
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Ethiopia/Djibouti: A closer look at the hottest projects and what is being done to open the door for investment.

Featuring the 700km Ethiopia to Djibouti freight rail line.
Yehualashet Jemere, Railway Engineer and Project Execution Department Chief Officer, Ethiopian Railway Corporation
Nov 2115:30
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Transport infrastructure to stimulate regional integration

  •     Accessible, reliable, safe
  •     Ensuring infrastructure development contributes to seamless connectivity
  •     Integrated networks.  Where are we?
  •     Identifying key essentials to attract and maintain private sector interest
Patrick Rusongoza, Senior Presidential Advisor, Government Of Uganda
Nov 2115:50
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Fast tracking regional integration and development

  •     What is the funding framework
  •     Engaging all stake holders - promoting sustainable regional economic growth
  •     How can we make cross border connectivity seamless 
  •     Skills – acquisition, development and retention
  •     Policy and legislationRESERVED FOR TRANSNET ENGINEERING
Nov 2116:10
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Well-planned trade corridors – the key to African trade development

  •     Setting common standards and developing common strategies
  •     Catering to expanding domestic markets
  •     How to minimise difficult trading conditions
  •     The crucial role of dialogue between customs officials and businesses
Nov 2117:00
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Creating and operating an efficient freight rail corridor

  •     The drive to become a transit hub – what’s needed to link 11 countries 
  •     Building relationships – connecting landlocked countries 
  •     Looking into the financial aspect: reduction in transport costs and future investments
  •     Borrowing from global best practice and implementing in Africa 
SIlver Kasuku, Director General & CEO, LAPSSET
Nov 2117:20
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Creating a safe, modern and integrated railway

  •     Addressing the infrastructure, safety and interoperability of integrated networks 
  •     Using technology to create conditions which allow for uninterrupted service  
  •     Putting safety first and identifying weak points  
  •     The importance of independent regulatory bodies for eliminating biases 
Ronah Serwadda, Commissioner, Ministry of EAC Affairs

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Nov 2209:00
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A sustainable future for railways – what will make the successful operator of the future

  •     Building a rail system for 2050 not 2020
  •     Investment, reducing costs and using new energy sources 
  •     Technology as an enabler 
  •     Finding the balance and prioritising 
  •     Identifying areas for ROI 
Nov 2209:20
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How to ensure development of, and flexibility in track infrastructure

  •     Financing and costs 
  •     Overcoming challenges in integrated track alignment and construction
  •     Integrating new track lines while using the current track infrastructure
  •     Creating revenue by implementing a shared networks model 
  •     Putting growth, development and profits front of mind 
Nov 2209:40
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Panel: Well-planned transport corridors in East Africa: Making corridors a success from concept to reality

  •     Developing common strategies - Crucial role of dialogues amongst stakeholders
  •     Planning for future – What growth can be expected?
  •     Adopting industry innovations to enhance efficiency and boost logistics capacity
  •     Partnerships between the railway authorities, development partners & private sectors to yield a fruitful         PPP partnership for development of logistics infrastructure facilities  
Mumina Wa-Kyendo, Chief Transport Engineer, AfDB
James Nganga, Infrastructure Director, TradeMark East Africa
Nov 2210:20
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Linking resources – mining, ports, logistics and rail

  •     The market perspective
  •     Developing robust, sustainable transport infrastructure
  •     Pit to port infrastructure
  •     The benefits of integrated and coordinated operations: information sharing, coordinated problem solving, and opportunistic operations
  •     The logistics chain as part of the mining process
Paul Runge, Chief Executive Officer, Africa Project Access
Nov 2211:20
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Accelerating intermodal freight efficiency

  •     Why stakeholder engagement is critical to growth on development corridors
  •     How rail and port infrastructure development support corridor development
  •     The importance of good freight connections 
  •     The changing freight patterns - opportunities and improvement areas
Nov 2211:40
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Developing large-scale intermodal infrastructure networks

  •     Opportunities and collaboration 
  •     How to attract investment 
  •     Planning and construction in difficult terrain
  •     Successfully integrating new lines into existing networks
  •     Minimising the impact on the urban environment
  •     Showcasing the vision for sustainable freight and passenger networks
Nov 2212:00
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How to ensure efficient collaboration within ports and efficiency throughout the transport network

  •     What are the operational challenges?
  •     Security, risk and reliability issues in maritime
  •     How to develop a regional and global framework
Nozipho Mdawe, Secretary General, Port Management Association for Eastern and Southern Africa
Nov 2212:20
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Nov 2212:20
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Nov 2212:20
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Shortening train loading and unloading times

Nov 2214:20
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Reducing financial, safety and efficiency risks with a successful sand mitigation strategy

  •     Understanding the full scope and financial risk of the sand mitigation challenge
  •     Preventing high maintenance costs, by planning for the sand challenge during construction
  •     Controlling wind to master sand
  •     Building a mid-term R&D knowledge network to support the African railway network
Nov 2214:50
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How to minimise the human influence in rail incidents

  •     Understanding fatigue management and working together to enhance safety 
  •     Strategic foresight: The right leadership with the right skills
  •     Empower with rigorous and ongoing training
  •     Incorporating tech into everyday operations
  •     Implementing Rail Track Level Crossing design
Nov 2215:20
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Rwanda: A closer look at the hottest projects and what is being done to open the door for investment.

Featuring Multi-modal Transport Infrastructure, seeking private participation via PPP 
Nov 2215:40
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Uganda: A closer look at the hottest projects and what is being done to open the door for investment.

Featuring the ongoing development of the Standard Gauge Railway line connecting Uganda to South Sudan.
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