Over the last 20 years, the Africa Rail conference has continued to be the largest of its kind in Africa, hosting the largest gathering of rail operators, government entities and contractors. These decision makers, your buyers, are eager to learn, engage and network with you. New to 2017, its sister event- EAST AFRICA RAIL.

By bringing the most innovative minds together from across rail, cargo and technology, East Africa Rail ignites new ideas and inspires the audience to think differently. You’ll be stimulated by innovators, business leaders and entrepreneurs from across Africa.

Leveraging our extensive relationships and experience in the field, we can ensure the ultimate experience to spark and inspire change. Underlined by networking, ideas forums and cutting edge product profiling we aim to push the boundaries of current market thinking.

We sit on the brink of a new dawn in railway technology. Now, more than ever, disruptive forces are reshaping the competitive landscape.

East Africa Rail brings together the biggest global innovators, futurists and gurus that have exploded onto the railway landscape in recent years to inspire you.

With more than hundreds of CxOs, East Africa Rail is critical to realising the disruptive ways in which government, state-owned rail companies and contractors plan, build, operate and maintain the regional rail networks.

Position your company at the forefront of the industry and ensure companies overseeing billions of dollars worth of rail projects understand your commitment to the region.




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