Volantio Inc.

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Volantio Inc was founded in 2014, and in two years has grown to serve some of the largest travel brands in the world, including Emirates, Qantas, Austrian Airlines, and Jetstar.

Volantio’s platform seamlessly integrates travel suppliers’ revenue management & availability systems, with e-commerce and marketing, delivering realtime pricing and availability directly into dynamic marketing campaigns, with deeplinks back into suppliers’ booking flow.  

Spanning e-mail, mobile push messaging, search engine marketing, and social media, Volantio’s platform helps PRM, distribution, and marketing deliver individualized content to highly targeted customers.  We significantly increase conversion rates, allowing PRM and marketing teams to sell the specific inventory that most needs to be sold, without resulting in spillage.

Volantio looks forward to welcoming participants in the Aviation Festival to our roundtable, where we will address key challenges facing the industry’s digital executives, and how Volantio’s approach to solving these challenges.


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Conference 5-7 September • Exhibition & Seminars 6-7 September


The Aviation Festival is two events: a world-class international conference featuring leading airline speakers from around the world; and a technology exhibition showcasing the latest innovations global leaders to the start-ups.

To visit the exhibition is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.


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