Simon Dempsey | Founder and CEO

Simon Dempsey, Founder and CEO, LikeWhere

Simon Dempsey is Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LikeWhere, the award-winning travel recommendation group.

Simon has worked as a digital content creator for over sixteen years, travelling extensively as part of his work.

Simon and the LikeWhere team are experts in creating exceptional digital content experiences for airlines, helping build brand and loyalty around  effective use of story and personalisation.


Aviation Festival - Day 1 @ 16:00

Are airlines becoming the most uninspiring brands in travel?

  • Why airline marketers insist on selling when the customer just isn’t buying.
  • Understanding the new values of the modern consumer and the great disconnect caused by sales messaging.
  • In the travel lifecycle, inspiration precedes the booking. How ‘smart’ content marketing positions brands as authentic sources of inspiration.
  • Why the framework of story is such an powerful way to compel the human brain in an age of noise.

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