Solivus are light-weight solar specialists, and we are on a mission to decarbonise the built environment, which causes 40% of the world’s CO2 problem.

We have a range of light-weight solar solutions, and we offer a complete solar as a service.

For the commercial property market, we only focus on the 40% of buildings which are unable to take the weight of conventional solar. These tend to be very large buildings, (or mega-buildings), such as airports, sports stadiums and large logistics buildings. We also focus on the construction industry. We help customers decarbonise and save money. We are at the forefront of this new, niche market, which is worth billions.

For the domestic market, we have our super sustainable Solivus Arc. This is a designer solar sculpture for the home, which is an alternative or additional to rooftop solar. The Solivus Arc contains no rare earth materials and there is a very low carbon footprint involved in its manufacturing. The Solivus Arc serves as a beacon of Solivus’ innovation and expertise in light-weight solar.

Solivus offer a complete service, keeping things straight-forward for customers, offering engineering, design, installation, monitoring, maintenance and ongoing reporting, which enables customers to know how much they are saving or making from their solar. We can offer finance options for the solar if required, meaning no upfront payments. We can also organise energy trading for surplus energy to maximise financial opportunities. So, it’s not just about solar for Solivus, it’s about complete solar as a service.

We are super enthusiastic and determined. We are the energy behind new generation solar.


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