Mark Ross-Smith | Head of Enrich and Loyalty
Malaysia Airlines | Malaysia

Mark Ross-Smith, Head of Enrich and Loyalty, Malaysia Airlines

Mark is a highly experienced and personable loyalty professional with over 12 years of substantial experience in creating new revenue streams for Airlines, Hotels and Telecommunications sectors through data science and strategic innovation. He is a change-agile strategist with significant expertise in execution, operational and business developmental expertise for driving multi-million dollar revenue generation, performance, and profitability. He is specialized in utilizing big data, structured networks and data analysis, and has built his own big data loyalty business which has generated millions, driven customer behaviour in a social context, and revolutionised the way loyalty marketing works within the telco, airline and hospitality sectors.


LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 14:40

Going the coalition route: Just how profitable is this for airlines?

  • What are the key advantages of developing a coalition programme over an FFP (and vice versa)?
  • What would draw consumers to a coalition programme as opposed to an FFP?
  • Is there enough room on the market for more FFPs?
  • Would consumer brands outside of the travel industry do better partnering with airlines, or joining coalition programmes?

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