Christopher Chang | General Manager – Loyalty Operations
reward-U | Hong Kong

Christopher Chang, General Manager – Loyalty Operations, reward-U

Christopher has 20 years of loyalty and marketing experience. Christopher started his loyalty marketing career with Exxon Mobil in Hong Kong. He then helped to launch the first telecom loyalty points program ‘Club Best’ for HKT, the largest telco company in Hong Kong. After that, Christopher took up key roles in other loyalty programmes, including Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles and HKT The Club. Christopher has an undergraduate degree in Biological Science from Simon Fraser University in Canada, and an MBA from the University of Hull in United Kingdom. Currently, Christopher is responsible for members’ marketing and loyalty operations at reward-U, a loyalty programme founded by HK Express.


LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 14:20

Developing loyalty in a saturated market

  • Are there too many loyalty programmes? Have loyalty programmes become a hygiene factor?
  • Are coalition programmes better than standalone programmes at developing customer loyalty?
  • What, today, attracts people to join a loyalty programme?

LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 14:40

Going the coalition route: Just how profitable is this for airlines?

  • What are the key advantages of developing a coalition programme over an FFP (and vice versa)?
  • What would draw consumers to a coalition programme as opposed to an FFP?
  • Is there enough room on the market for more FFPs?
  • Would consumer brands outside of the travel industry do better partnering with airlines, or joining coalition programmes?

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