Rolly Alfonso-Maiquez | Director of Educational Technology & Innovation and Data Protection Officer
VERSO International School

Rolly Alfonso-Maiquez, Director of Educational Technology & Innovation and Data Protection Officer, VERSO International School

Dr. Rolly Maiquez is the Director of Educational Technology & Innovation and Data Protection Officer at VERSO International School, where he leads, plans, and implements educational and operational technology initiatives. With a Doctorate in Education, a Master's in Counseling Psychology, and a Bachelor's in Psychology, Rolly brings a unique perspective to his role. As an Apple Distinguished Educator (class of 2010) and a continuing advocate of Robotics, he is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance the educational experience. He has been actively involved in and continues to advocate for and promote the integration of robotics in education. Rolly is deeply curious about Artificial Intelligence, particularly Generative AI, and its potential to revolutionize education. He actively incorporates Gen AI tools into his work, following a "Human-AI-Human AI sandwich" approach to enhance, accelerate, and improve his productivity. While mindful of the potential challenges posed by the rapid development of AI, Rolly believes that Gen AI can help educators and learners explore their learning more deeply and broadly. As an advocate for the ethical and self-regulated use of AI, Rolly encourages using AI as a tool to enhance personal growth, flourishing, and development. He emphasizes the importance of conscious effort in using AI to avoid completely outsourcing human thought and productivity. Currently, Rolly is engaged in a research endeavor with a group of doctoral colleagues in academia, focusing on creating space for mixed reality learning in STEM through social media. The proposed study aims to address the persistent skills gap and lack of engagement in STEM education by exploring innovative, technology-enhanced solutions that may transform learning experiences and outcomes. Through his involvement in various projects at VERSO and his ongoing research, Rolly aims to improve and streamline educational and general operations, while ensuring that technology serves as a means to support and enrich the human experience.

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