Peter Laborenz | President
Sonneville Ag

Peter Laborenz, President, Sonneville Ag

Peter Laborenz is holding the position as General Manager in Sonneville AG. After graduating from Technical University in Germany, he worked for the Federal Railways (Deutsche Bahn) in Germany in the maintenance division, before starting work in the Taiwan High Speed Line project. Following work as construction manager on different track renewal sites in Germany, he joined German Railway track design division DE Consult, before starting in Sonneville AG as project manager for the Low Vibration Track (LVT) slab track system in 2009. He was in charge for the LVT slab track system supply for Gotthard Base Tunnel project, currently the longest railway tunnel in the world. In 2015 he took over the position as general manager in Sonneville AG the system provider of the Low Vibration Track system. He had been managing LVT slab track projects in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Auckland and others. Today, Sonneville AG is providing design-, production- and installation services related to the LVT slab track systems and develops project specific slab track system solutions for High Speed-, Urban-, Metro- and freight lines.


Asia Pacific Rail 2024 : DAY 2 @ 11:00

The advantages of low vibration slab track technology in railway viaducts and tunnels


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