Manpreet Mann | Thailand Rail Systems Lead

Manpreet Mann, Thailand Rail Systems Lead, Arup

Having worked in the rail sector since 2009, Manpreet has joined Arup Thailand as Rail Systems Lead. He helps clients realize and integrate the complex world of rail systems, leading to an enhanced digital rail that allows for advanced diagnostics with better availability of the overall transport system. He also helps clients grow sustainability within the rail industry and enhance passenger experience by tackling the challenges involved. Manpreet started his career with FedEx Ground working on wireless networking for package delivery sites across the US and Canada. He later joined Bombardier Transportation Rail Control Solutions, where he worked as a radio and network engineer and helped design, test and commission different infrastructure projects, and moved on to a global role to be Product Director of Networks and Cybersecurity Solutions, focusing on improving the overall stability of the CBTC communication technology and ensuring cybersecurity of railway.


Asia Pacific Rail 2024 : DAY 1 @ 11:50

Realtime data transmission and management for predictive analytics

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