Fany Zhao | Chief Executive Officer
Shenyang Yuancheng Friction and Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

Fany Zhao, Chief Executive Officer, Shenyang Yuancheng Friction and Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

Zhao Yanjing (Fany Zhao), the Chairman of Shenyang Yuancheng FrictionandSealing Material Co.,Ltd, once worked as the export director after graduated fromuniversity in General plant of Shenyang Friction and Sealing Material, which is a stateowned company established on 1953. By virtue of advantages in English, shecommunicated with international industry experts and customers and masteredthecutting-edge information of friction materials in the rail transit industry. In 2007, sheled 7 laid-off technical engineers of state-owned enterprises to start her own business, and went deep into production workshops and laboratories to study technical formulas and production processes. In 2011, she hired 3 German experts of sintered material field, composite material field, and automobile brake pad field, after 16 years’ hardwork, formed independent intellectual property rights technology.

Up to now, Fany Zhao had gained 4 patents for invention, 29 patents for utilitymodels, 16 patents for invention and 1 patents for utility models are under acceptanceprocess. Chairman Zhao is an expert in railway friction material field: in 2017, as theproject leader and director, she presided over the Engineering Research Center of Basic Friction Materials and brake pads for high-speed trains in Liaoning Province, which was awarded as Liaoning Engineering Research Center; on the same year, shewas invited to participate the review meeting held by the China Railway CertificationCenter (CRCC)for “Urban rail transit product certification rules first expert reviewmeeting" as one of the review experts; in 2018, she was awarded as the Leader of high-level innovation and entrepreneurship team in "Xingliao Talent Program" inLiaoning Province; in 2019, she was invited to participate in review meeting heldbyChina Railway Certification Center(CRCC) for “in service test programof sinteredbrake pad for passenger coaches and hydraulic witness server”as one of the reviewexperts. Fany Zhao is the first expert in China who put forward using organic brakepad to replace sintered brake pad for motor unit, in 2019 she was invited to participateproject initiation meeting held by China Railway Certification Center(CRCC). In2020, she participated in the formulation of "Interim Technical Conditions for highwear-resistant organic brake pad for 160 km/h power centralized EMU trailer".

The organic brake pad FANY-758, developed by her team, is the first brake padthat passed the above test condition, which surpass the domestic listed companies. This project not only achieve light weight of vehicles, solve environmental problems, andsave 70% maintenance cost for China railway. Fany Zhao leads the technical teamresearch sintered brake pad to replace imported sintered brake pad, appliedon300-350km/h high speed train, greatly save maintenance cost for China railway. SHealso leads the team to research and develop product comply with UIC standard, andexported to South Korea, Pakistan, India, and etc. The UIC standard product include: (1) organic brake pad for 200km/h passenger coaches-with good heat resistanceperformance with stable friction coefficient. (2) UIC K type composite brakeblock-friction coefficient range within 0.25±15%, high friction composite brake block. (3) UIC LL type composite brake block-low friction coefficient, can replace cast iron brake shoe directly, solve the problem of big noise, short service life of cast ironbrake shoe. They also develop composite brake shoe for heavy haul wagons whichcomply with AAR M926 standard, and exported the brake shoe to Brazil, Australiaetc.

In 2019, Fany Zhao establish Shenyang FANYI high speed material R&DinstituteCo.,Ltd, committed to building the largest research and development center of frictionmaterials in Northeast China. Through the comparison and research of the test data of imported raw materials, the Institute develops domestic raw materials with the same technical performance, and realizes the localization of upstream rawmaterials of high-speed rail brake shoes and brake pads, replacing imported raw materials.


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Solution for LL type composite brake block replace cast iron brake shoe

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