Anthony Sim Ke Qin | Senior Engineer
SBS Transit Limited

Anthony Sim Ke Qin, Senior Engineer, SBS Transit Limited

Mr. Anthony Sim Ke Qin brings valuable experience to the Rolling Stock and Component Service Centre departments, where he has worked for several years. His expertise has been crucial in efficiently managing the entire lifecycle of Rolling Stock assets. With a focus on Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO), change management, personnel management, and strategic initiatives, Mr. Sim demonstrates a practical understanding of the various aspects within these areas.
In addition to his operational roles, Mr. Sim actively supports rail safety and regulatory audits, contributing to compliance with industry standards. He also plays a role in financial budgeting and asset management, showcasing a commitment to responsible fiscal practices and optimal resource utilization.
Mr. Sim's skill set covers a range of responsibilities, from handling MRO processes to navigating change management challenges. His effective personnel management skills demonstrate his ability to lead teams, while his strategic thinking is evident in the development and implementation of impactful strategies aligned with organizational goals.
In summary, Mr. Anthony Sim Ke Qin's experience and proficiency make him a valuable contributor to projects in the rail industry, ensuring compliance, fostering operational excellence, and contributing to the overall success of his teams.


Asia Pacific Rail 2024 : DAY 2 @ 11:20

Rolling stock asset management and lifecycle optimisation


last published: 23/May/24 09:15 GMT

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