APRIL 21-24, 2025




With access for all conference delegates to the on-line partnering system from a month before the event, it is the best way to ensure you maximise your time at the event by setting up targeted F2F meetings for all the networking breaks in advance.

You will be able to view every attendee, speaker, sponsor, exhibitor and visitors to send them a personal message and invite to meet at a specific time/day, at which point if they accept then the system will allocate you a private numbered meeting table for the F2F for 20 minutes.

There is also a feed home page on the system where you can upload images, stories and messages for the entire audience to read. 




All Exhibitors have access to the vaccine partnering system a month out from the event as well to review the full attendee list in the on-line portal, search and select target companies / executives, and from this request a face to face meeting on-site at your exhibition booth or a private meeting table as you prefer. 

It also allows you to share information of any specific products and services on the feed home page, so offering a chance to get exposure to all attendees pre-event and encouraging them to contact you directly to set up meetings as well.




For the higher level sponsors in addition to the benefits received above with access to the vaccine partnering system for all your attendees, you can also have your own private Networking Manager. 

This person will be your main point of contact from about 6 weeks before the event to work with you and your business development team to go through the attendee list and select your targets you want to set up face to face meetings with. 

The manager then reaches out directly to all of your chosen attendees to try and set up the F2F during the event at your own private sit down table in the exhibition area.